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Shop Bird Feeding Supplies

From cardinals to woodpeckers and everything in between, you can attract all kinds of wild birds to your backyard with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. You’ll find all the bird feeding supplies you need, including bird feeders, bird houses, bird seed and bird baths.

Shop All Bird Feeders & Houses Shop All Bird Feeders & Houses
Birds will flock to your backyard with bird feeders and houses from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Choose from a wide selection of tube feeders, specialty feeders and bird houses.
Shop Hummingbird Feeders Shop Hummingbird Feeders
Hummingbirds are a favorite among backyard birders. With hummingbird feeders from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, the cute little birds will buzz right into your backyard.
Shop Suet Feeders Shop Suet Feeders
Birds need food that’s high in protein and fat so they have energy to burn. Keep your backyard birds fueled up with suet cakes housed in suet feeders from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.
Shop Bird Baths Shop Bird Baths
Whether they fly south or stick around all year round, wild birds need a reliable water source for drinking and bathing. Help your feathered friends with a wide selection of bird baths from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.
Shop All Bird Seed Shop All Bird Seed
Blain’s Farm & Fleet is your one-stop shop for all kinds of wild bird seed. From black oil sunflower seed to specialty blends to hummingbird and oriole nectar, your backyard birds will be happy and well fed.
Shop Pet Supplies You Might Also Like: Pet Supplies
Keep your pets happy and healthy with pet supplies from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. From dogs to cats to small animals, your animal experts have you covered.
Shop Water Gardening Supplies You Might Also Like: Water Gardening
Create a backyard oasis with water gardening supplies from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. From pond liners to pond pumps, adding a water feature has never been easier.
Shop Planters & Lawn Decor You Might Also Like: Planters & Lawn Decor
Watch your flowers and plants blossom and bloom! Decorate your lawn and patio with planters, planter boxes, garden flags and more from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.
How to know you are getting the best bird seed Bird Seed - Quality Matters
When you’re filling your bird feeders, you’ll want to use quality bird seed. You’ll not only save money, but you’ll also attract more feathered friends to your backyard.
Bird Bath Buying Guide Bird Bath Buying Guide
What’s one of the easiest ways to bring birds to your backyard? A bird bath! Learn about the different types of bird baths and keeping your bird bath clean with our buying guide.
Feeding Birds In Your Backyard Feeding Birds In Your Backyard
With the right landscaping, food and feeders, you can turn your backyard into hot spot for your favorite birds. Learn more about feeding birds in your backyard with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.
Bird Watching Tips For Beginners Bird Watching Tips For Beginners
Backyard bird watching is a rewarding hobby—you can discover beautiful birds and get in touch with nature right at home. Find out what you’ll need as a birding beginner.

Backyard bird watching is a great way to get in touch with nature and learn about the different bird species in your area. One of the easiest ways to attract birds is by using the right bird seed and bird feeders. At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we understand that different bird species have different needs. That why we carry a variety of bird feeding supplies. From orioles to hummingbirds, wild birds of all kinds will come to feed at your backyard bird feeders. Give birds the fat and protein they need with suet cakes, housed in suet cages. Or attract bright cardinals with black oil sunflower seed on a hopper feeder. Whichever birds you want to watch in your backyard, Blain’s Farm & Fleet has all the bird seed and feed you need to attract your feathered friends and keep them coming back.


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