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Bird Seed: Quality Matters

Making the most out of your bird seed budget is important to you. Be sure you’re feeding your feathered friends the best quality bird seed.

The better the blend of bird feed you use, the better your bird watching experience is likely to be. Buying inexpensive bird seed can turn out to be the most expensive way to watch birds. Lower quality seed will result in a higher amount of uneaten waste by your visiting feathered friends.

Do Your Research

Bird Seed: Quality Matter
When you’re filling your bird feeders, you will want to use quality bird seed. You’ll not only save money, but you’ll attract more of your feathered friends.

While some retailers may sacrifice the quality of their wild bird food mix, Blain’s Farm & Fleet remains committed to offering you and your feathered friends a high quality product. You can find a variety of bird seed, meant for different species. From cardinals to finches, you will find blends for all kinds of birds. We also have a wide range of suet to attract woodpeckers, chickadees and nuthatches, just to name a few. Quality and variety are a great combination to bring the birds to your backyard.

Just like you check labels on the food you eat in your home, we encourage you to check the labels on your bird food, too. You’ll discover that better quality is worth every penny.

Give the Birds High Quality Bird Seed

Birds need bird seed that’s high in nutritional content. They especially need food that is high in protein, fat and carbohydrates to fuel their fast-acting metabolism. Some birds require up to 10,000 calories a day to keep flying, breeding and building their nests.

Seeds that can be easily digested and handled are a priority for birds. They need to eat a large amount of seeds quickly, to avoid possible predators.

The most commonly used high quality bird seed will contain black-oil sunflower seeds. A wide variety of birds are attracted to the sunflower seeds because they’re easy to handle and packed full of nutrients. Millet is used to attract smaller, ground-foraging birds such as sparrows and juncos. These two types of seeds are perfect for birds. Black-oil sunflower seeds and millet will keep the birds nice and full in the winter months, and provide another option besides natural food sources in the warmer months. These seeds can be part of a blend, or be used on their own.

Of course, there are specialty feeds and feeders for specific bird species, such as hummingbirds. If you want to attract finches, use nyjer seed. You will need to use a nyjer feeder as well, because the seeds are so small.

Keep Your Feathered Friends Happy

Putting out quality bird seed is especially important in the winter, as birds have less natural food resources. Keep your bird seed in a dry area, such as a storage container, to maximize freshness and quality. Your birds will thank you for a nutritious meal and you will get to watch them come back to your bird feeders all year long. You can learn more about the different types of bird feeders for your backyard and how to attract birds to your yard with our Wild Bird Care blog.


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