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How to Attract Owls

Learn how to attract owls to your backyard and garden with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Everyone’s familiar with the haunting call of an owl. While some may find owls to be a bit scary, they’re actually beneficial for your home and garden. Learn how to attract owls with these tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

How to Attract Owls
Did you know owls are great protectors for your home and garden? Learn about the benefits of owls and how to attract the fascinating birds with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Benefits of Attracting Owls

Owls are predators, but this works to a homeowner’s advantage. They prey on mice, voles and other pesky rodents that can wreak havoc on your home. They also feast on large insects that can destroy your garden. Farmers also appreciate owls, as they’re a natural way to get rid of vermin without using poison around their crops. Barn owls are especially welcome, as they keep rodents away from livestock. There are a few simple ways to attract owls to your property.

How to Attract Owls

As with any bird, owls have some basic needs: shelter, nesting areas, food and water. To attract owls, you’ll need to provide at least one of these in your backyard. If you already have mice, voles and other small rodents in your yard or garden, the owls have a food source. Adding a brush pile and leaving your grass uncut can help attract more of these creatures, which in turn will attract more owls.

Providing shelter and nesting areas are another sure way to attract owls to your backyard. Large, hollow trees are a natural nesting site for owls. However, they’ll also use large nest boxes, placed about 10 – 20 feet above the ground. If you’re going to use nesting boxes, put them up around January or February. Owls begin nesting earlier than most birds. Keep an eye on the nesting boxes to make sure they’re rodent and pest free. Barn owls will also find a home in old, abandoned buildings or barns on your property.

Backyard birding is a great and inexpensive hobby that everyone can enjoy. At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you’ll find everything you need to keep the birds coming back. For more tips on attracting a variety of bird species to your backyard, visit our Wild Bird Care blog.


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