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Bird Bath Buying Guide

If you want to attract birds to your yard, one of the best ways is to install a bird bath.

A bird bath is great because it will often attract birds who don’t normally use bird feeders. With so many kinds of bird baths, it may be hard to choose which is best for your yard. We’re here to help you decide.

Choosing a Bird Bath
Attract birds to your yard with a bird bath.

Pedestal Bird Bath

Pedestal bird baths are the most popular of the bird bath designs. A pedestal bird bath consists of a basin and pedestal on which the basin sits. One of the advantages of pedestal bird baths is they are off of the ground, making them less accessible to predators.

Hanging Bird Bath

A hanging bird bath is an appealing alternative to the pedestal design. They are usually hung from a tree branch or garden hook. Although they aren’t as bulky or as expensive as pedestal models, the hanging bird baths are usually smaller, so less birds can use it at one time.

Heated Bird Bath

Heated bird baths are recommended for those who live in areas with colder winters, where the temperature drops below freezing. In a heated bird bath, a heating element is added so the water doesn’t freeze over yet it doesn’t overheat the water.

Keeping Your Bird Bath Safe and Clean

Bird baths with non-slippery surfaces are the best choice. Smaller birds need to be able to latch on and wade in the bird bath, especially if they’re drinking from it. When filling a bird bath, the water should only be about two inches deep. Many people buy bird baths that deepen toward the middle. This allows smaller birds to use the shallow outer part of the bird bath, while larger birds can use the deeper part.

Water should be replaced every two to four days. Of course, this also depends on the temperature outside and how much debris, such as leaves and twigs, fall into the bird bath. Birds often leave their droppings and preened feathers in bird baths. Algae can also grow in bird baths if not cleaned regularly. If this happens, you can remove algae with a hard scrub brush and water.

Bird baths can stay out all year round. Not all birds migrate, and those that stay around during the winter still need a fresh water supply. If you don’t have a heated bird bath, de-icers are available to keep the water from completely icing over.


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