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Weather Stripping Your Windows

weather stripping
An inexpensive weather stripping kit can make your windows much more efficient, which saves energy and money.

If you’ve ever noticed that the air is a lot colder near your front door or garage door, you probably need to install weather stripping. Weather stripping can save energy in your home. It’s a low cost way to make your home a little more green and energy efficient. It can be placed on doors and windows that allow air to escape your home. In summer, this is the air you’re paying to cool down with air conditioning. In winter it’s the air you’re paying to heat. That means that leaky windows are a problem year-round, even if you may only notice it in the winter.

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Weather Stripping a Window

Just like with a door, you’ll want to clean thoroughly where you’ll be mounting the weather strip. There are a lot of different kinds of windows. From double-hung to casement windows, there are different methods for weather stripping the different window types.

You’ll want to mount the weather stripping on the surface of the window frame where the window meets it when it’s closed.

Measure these surfaces and buy weather stripping that’s the right width to fit without sticking out past the edge of the window when it’s closed. The idea is to have weather stripping, but have it be as invisible as possible. On double hung windows that don’t already have a sweep or weather stripping on the bottom edge of the lower sash, you may want to put a piece there as long as the window still closes.

If you have older, wooden windows, you may have to pry the front stops off to remove the sashes. Be very careful when doing this. You’ll be able to find the seam by cutting through the paint film with a utility knife.

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