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Tiller Buying Guide

A tiller bought using a tiller buying guide.
A tiller can get big jobs done fast!

Here’s a Tiller Buying Guide so you can quickly get working on that important project!

Do you have some lawn you want to dig up and convert to a garden? Some compost you want to mix into your garden soil? Or, a large patch of weeds you need to remove? This is all back breaking work, but fortunately all of these jobs can be accomplished by a motorized tiller, otherwise known as a rototiller.

There are several types of tillers to choose from to suit your needs. This guide will help you pick out the tiller that will help you get the job done and maybe even inspire you to do more!

Types of Tillers


Although not technically a tiller, cultivators are essentially the “little brother” of garden tillers. They are smaller and less powerful than a tiller, but they do a great job at tilling already loose soil, chomping away at weeds and mixing compost and fertilizer into the soil. They come in gas, electric and battery models. The electric and battery versions are lighter weight, but less powerful than the gas models, which are about 25lbs. Cultivators are propelled by the cultivator blades, not the wheels. So, despite their smaller size they do require some muscle to operate. Cultivators work best for use in small to medium sized gardens.

Garden Tillers

If you have a good sized garden or harder soil to till we recommend you use a tiller. There are three types of garden tillers: front-tine, mid-tine and rear-tine.

Front-Tine Tillers

The smallest of the tillers, the front-tine is larger and more powerful than a cultivator. This model gets its name from its blades (aka. tines) being in the front of the tiller, while the motor sits in the rear. Like cultivators, front-tines are propelled by their tines, not by their wheels. This can make them difficult to maneuver for smaller operators, because front-tines weigh about 100 to 130lbs. If you can handle one, front-tines are a smaller and more economical alternative to the rear and mid-tines and they are more powerful and versatile than a cultivator.

Mid-Tine Tillers

This is the tiller for you if you want a better balanced machine than a front-tine, but you don’t feel you need something as large as a rear-tine. People who only need a front-tine, but have physical limitations, such as a bad back or knee pain, will often opt for a mid-tine.

Rear-Tine Tillers

These are the big guys of the garden tillers. If you have a large garden, hard soil or a lawn to dig up, a rear-tine would be the perfect choice. The tines are in the rear of these models, providing the operator more leverage when tilling. Another big advantage of rear-tines is that they are propelled by their large wheels, not their tiller blades. This makes tilling a large space much more manageable. Perhaps the best advantage of rear-tines is their blades rotate forward (standard) and backward (counter), some can rotate either way. This allows for much deeper and powerful tilling.

With all these tillers to choose from, there is bound to be a perfect model for you and your gardening needs. If you live near one of our stores we would be happy to help you find the size and model of tiller that feels right to you.


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