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Find The Right Snow Blower For You

Removing Snow with Snow Blower
Tired of shoveling snow? Find the right snow blower that will fit your needs.

Choose the right snow blower for you with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Making a large purchase, like that of a snow blower, is something most consumers take into heavy consideration. Below are some main things to consider before making a purchase that will keep you out of the snow this winter.


First thing you want to consider is size. The size of the snow blower you need will depend on how large of an area you have to clear. The larger the space you have to clear, the bigger the auger blade, or front surface area, you want.


Power is not necessarily the largest factor to consider, as all snow blowers will do the job. It just depends on how fast you want it done. A snow blower with an 8 horsepower engine will be sufficient enough for most snowstorms. Keep in mind more horsepower doesn’t always mean you’ll be getting a better performance. A more expensive machine may be bigger and faster, but it doesn’t mean it will be more reliable. Most machines you buy these days will have the same warranty no matter what the cost.

Single- or Two-Stage or Three-Stage Machine

Next, take into consideration whether you want a single-stage or two-stage machine. A single-stage machine will only push the snow out, requiring the user to do most of the work to push the snow blower through the snow. This can be a particularly daunting task when the snow is heavy and wet. A two-stage machine, on the other hand, will pull the snow in and throw it out, requiring less pushing by the operator. Two-stage machines will always work better as they pull the snow in for you and throw it further away from where you are plowing. Three-stage machines are similar to the two-stage machines. The difference is that three-stage machines have an accelerator that clears snow quicker than a two-stage machine.

Also, don’t be dazzled by drive speeds. Most two-stage machines have five or six forward speeds, useful for going slowly through heavy snow, or quickly when returning to the garage. On most models, the gear speeds are pretty much standard so don’t be fooled into thinking more speeds are better.

One additional add-on to consider for your snow blower is a removable cab for your machine. This product attaches to the back of the snow thrower, keeping the snow off you and the wind at bay helping make the job a little bit more enjoyable.

Snow Blower Maintenance

In terms of maintenance, you want to be sure to run your machine dry at the end of the season. This will prevent the engine from gumming up due to bad fuel sitting in the system. When fall rolls around, check the spark plugs and filter to be sure they are still in good condition. Be sure to drain any old fuel that may still be in the machine as fuel is only good for 30 days. Finally, always be sure to have fuel on hand when you know there is a bad snowstorm approaching. This will ensure that you have what you need to get the job done as soon as you can, leaving more time to sit inside and stay warm!


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