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How to Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade

Learn how to sharpen your lawn mower blade with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

A sharp lawn mower blade is a crucial part of having a healthy lawn. When you blade is dull, it tears grass rather than cutting it, making the whole lawn look brown or dull, leaving your grass vulnerable to diseases. Dull blades also make the engine work harder than it really needs to, using up to 20% more fuel. How often your lawn mower blade needs sharpening depends on the size of your lawn and type of grass, as grasses like Bermuda Grass or Zoysia Grass dull blades faster. It’s best to sharpen your lawn mower blades once a month. Blain’s Farm & Fleet and Dremel team up to teach you how to sharpen your lawn mower blade.

How to Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade
A sharpened lawn mower blade will give your lawn the fresh, clean cut you’ve always wanted. Learn how to sharpen your lawn mower blade with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Instructions for Sharpening a Lawn Mower Blade:

1. Before you begin, remove the spark plug from the mower. Then remove the blade, wear at least one heavy duty work glove to protect yourself from the sharp edge of the blade.

2. Place the mower blade into a vise. Using the Dremel Blade Sharpening Kit, grind the blade, removing as little metal as possible with the grinding stone.

3. Clean dirt and debris from the blade and then check the balance. A balanced blade will stay level when suspended from a screwdriver inserted through the center hole.

4. To restore blade balance, remove some metal from the heavy end of the blade. Do not grind more on the cutting edge.

5. Put the lawn mower blade back on the lawn mower, being sure to wear heavy gloves to avoid getting cut by the sharp blade.

6. Replace the spark plug only after the blade is properly in place.

With a freshly-sharpened lawn mower blade, your lawn can grow to its full potential. For more on caring for your lawn and lawn equipment, visit our Lawn Care blog.


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