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Backyard Ponds: Cleaning and Maintenance

Anyone who owns a backyard pond has seen it. After a heavy rain, you step out the back door and notice that your pond water is brown and murky. The mud from your yard and the surrounding area has all washed down into your backyard oasis. Now your water is all muddy. You may have wondered what ways there are to clean your pond water up after a rain.

Backyard ponds tend to get muddy after heavy rains. Blain's Farm & Fleet has a few tips to help you keep your pond or water garden clean and clear.
Backyard ponds tend to get muddy after heavy rains. Blain’s Farm & Fleet has a few tips to help you keep your pond or water garden clean and clear.

Pond Pumps and Backyard Ponds

The most popular way to clean your pond out is to do nothing. A lot of owners think that murky water is sometimes just the nature of the beast when it comes to backyard ponds. Besides, most of the sediment that’s making your pond water look murky will settle to the bottom eventually. Whatever doesn’t settle will be cleaned up by your pond pump. You’ll need to clean your pump filter a few times while this happens, but you can just wait it out, as long as it’s not too muddy.

Your pond pump is also the key to taking a more proactive approach.

Cleaning Backyard Ponds with A Garden Hose

You can attach a garden hose to the outlet on your pump and pump the muddy water out of your pond. You can use this to use the muddy water to water your plants and flowers. Muddy water is rich in nutrients and is great for watering gardens. Once your pond is half empty, you can refill it with clear water. Let the pump run after you refill the pond. You can keep repeating this until your water is cleared up. It will use a lot of water, but hey, that’s what backyard ponds do.

Just remember, don’t let the pump run unattended. If the water level drops below the pump’s intake, you could burn out your motor.

The key to keeping backyard ponds clean and clear will always be as easy as using your pond pond pump and keeping the filter clean.

For more Maintenance Tips for Backyard Ponds and Water Gardens, check out our blog.


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