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Tag: Fuel Additives

Diesel Fuel Additives: Which is Best?

Diesel fuel additives are everywhere, and there are so many kinds. It seems like everyone has an opinion of which one is the best. Diesel engine fuel standards are very broad, and the fuel that you get at the pump might not always be what your truck needs. Since ultra-low sulfur fuels were introduced, many diesel fuels have lacked the lubing and hot-burning properties that your engine needs. As newer(…)

What is Heet?

“Heet” is a line of winter automotive chemicals. Much like “Kleenex” is sometimes used for any brand of tissues, “Heet” is sometimes used to refer to any fuel additive that removes water from your fuel system. These chemicals are called “fuel line dryers.” Water in your fuel can cause a lot of different problems, but the most common (and frustrating) is frozen fuel lines. When the weather outside is below freezing(…)

Can I Use Kerosene in my Diesel?

It depends on your engine. Kerosene will burns fine in most diesel engines without harming them. In fact, many newer diesel engines list kerosene as an approved fuel. Kerosene is made from a distilling process that makes it a pure fuel. This means that it has no additives like diesel does. Because of this, kerosene burns cooler than diesel and has no lubricant additives like diesel fuel does. This means that if you do(…)

What is Sea Foam?

Sea Foam motor treatment is a petroleum-based fuel and oil additive that every car or truck owner should keep handy.  Since it’s made from crude oil, Sea Foam is safe to use in both your oil crankcase and your fuel system. You can add Sea Foam to gas, diesel fuel, or motor oil to clean your engine’s fuel system and engine components. Sea Foam also works as a fuel stabilizer and diesel fuel anti-gel.(…)

What is Star Tron?

Star Tron enzyme fuel treatment is an additive that cleans your fuel system and engine. Star Tron has a lot of uses. It serves as a fuel stabilizer, fuel system cleaner, diesel additive, ethanol treatment, and gas treatment. Many mechanics recommend that you use it as a regular part of your vehicle and power equipment maintenance. Use Star Tron in Your Collector Car Star Tron is a fuel system cleaner and fuel stabilizer in one.(…)


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