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Rain Gutter Maintenance

Rain Gutter
To prevent damage to your home, you’ll need to perform some regular maintenance on your rain gutters. Let Blain’s Farm & Fleet show you how to check and clean a rain gutter.

One of the most important but overlooked parts of home maintenance is rain gutter maintenance. By doing a quick spring gutter check and cleaning every year, you can prolong the life of your rain gutters and reduce the likelihood that you’ll need repairs.

Checking and cleaning your gutters will also keep them working like they should.

Not only do regular rain gutter checks and cleanings protect your gutters, but they can prevent roofing, siding, and foundation problems in your home as well. Gutter maintenance will save you extra headaches down the road. Here’s how to perform a spring rain gutter check and cleaning.

How to Check a Rain Gutter

You’ll need a good, sturdy ladder to properly inspect your gutters. Check out our blog for more information on choosing the right ladder. Once you get a ladder, set it on either end of the gutter. You’ll be working your way from one end to the other. First, check to see how dirty or clogged your gutters are to determine what you’ll need to clean them.

If the gutter is clear enough to inspect, check it for sagging sections, holes, missing or loose fasteners, and corrosion. Sagging is usually caused by missing, loose, or bent fasteners. Replace the fasteners causing the problem as soon as possible. Fill any holes with caulk immediately.

How to Clean a Rain Gutter

While you can’t inspect a gutter without a ladder, you can clean one without one. There are special gutter wands that allow you to reach your gutter from the ground to clean it out.

Step 1: Scrape up the bigger clumps of leaves and debris with a trowel or scoop and dump it into a bucket.

Start at the downspout at the end of the rain gutter. To get down to the grime and stains below, you’ll have to remove the bigger pieces that might be blocking your gutters.

Step 2: Scrub the Residue, Dirt, and Mold Buildup Off of Your Gutter.

Again, start at the downspout. This will help fight corrosion and allow smaller bits of debris to be washed down and out of the gutter more easily. A concentrated cleaner will help you break down and remove stains and buildup.

Step 3: Flush the Gutter with a Garden Hose toward The Downspout.

Once you’ve flushed out all the gunk you just scrubbed off, you’ll have a clean, slick surface that debris should wash over all summer long.


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