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Home Ladder Safety Tips

Follow these home ladder safety tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

If you have a home improvement project, chances are you’re going to need a ladder to help you get it done. Be sure to follow these ladder safety tips when using your ladder around the home.

Home Ladder Safety Tips
Whether you’re simply cleaning the gutters or working on a home improvement project, it’s important to follow these home ladder safety tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Home Ladder Safety Tips

1. Inspect the ladder – Inspect your ladder before each use to ensure it is in good working condition. This means all steps are secure and there has been no damage or corrosion to any of the parts. Unstable ladders should never be used. Be sure the ladder you are using is also the right size for the job. A ladder that is too short will be unsuitable for taller jobs. Climbers should never stand on the top rung or step to reach a job.

2. Wear the right shoes – Wear shoes that are slip resistant and clean. Shoes that are dirty on the bottom are more likely to slip off the rungs. Leather shoes are also deemed unsuitable as the material is not slip resistant.

3. Place the ladder in the right spot – When you set up the ladder, be sure it is placed on firm and level ground. Any surface under the ladder should be dry and slip resistant under the support points. Ladders should also not be placed in front of closed doors that can open while the climber is on the unit. Doors should be locked or blocked before a ladder is placed in front of it.

4. Follow the duty rating – The duty rating of the ladder must be greater than the total weight of the climber, plus the tools/supplies they are going to bring up or place on the ladder or ladder shelves. Use a three point contact system when climbing a ladder. Keep either two hands and a foot or two feet and a hand on the ladder at all times when climbing up or heading down the ladder.

5. Only allow one user at a time – Only one climber should be permitted on the ladder at one time. Trestle ladders are the only units designed to hold more than one person at a time.

6. Use with caution and common sense – If you feel dizzy, tired or are often prone to losing your balance, it is best to stay off a ladder. Never use ladders when there are storms or high winds. Finally, never slide down a ladder or take more than one step at a time when climbing up or down the rungs.


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