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Snowblower Safety Tips

Learn how to safely operate a snowblower with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Snow can be great for sledding, snowboarding and more. When is it not so great? When your driveway and sidewalks are covered in a foot of it. With a snowblower, you can easily and quickly remove snow. However, snowblowers are potentially dangerous machines that need to be used carefully, and with respect for their moving parts. Follow these snowblower safety tips from Blain’s Farm & Fleet to ensure your snow removal goes safely and smoothly this winter.

Snowblower Safety Tips
When you need to quickly clear a lot of snow, a snowblower will get the job done. Learn how to safely operate one with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

1. Read the Owner’s Manual

Read your owner’s manual thoroughly and understand all of the recommended safety procedures before using your snowblower.

2. Clear the Snowy Area of Debris

Clear the area of doormats, sled, boards, wires, and other debris that may be hidden in the snow. These objects can clog the chute or cause other damage.

3. Keep Your Hands Out of the Chute

Never put your hands inside the snowblower chute for any reason. If the chute becomes clogged with snow, turn it off, wait for all moving parts to come to a complete stop and clear the chute with a stick.

4. Keep the Area of Operation Clear

Keep the area of operation clear of children, pets and all people. Never allow anyone in front of your snowblower and avoid blowing snow toward people or vehicles.

5. Don’t Run with the Snowblower

Never run while using a snowblower. Only walk. Always be sure of your footing and keep a firm grip on the handles.

6. Dress for the Cold

When you’re outside in the winter, it’s important to layer your clothing. Be sure to wear adequate winter clothing and winter boots. If conditions are especially icy, you might want to wear shoe grippers or ice cleats to better your footing. Wear safety glasses, and avoid any loose fitting clothing that could get caught in the moving parts.

7. Cover It Up

Cover up your snowblower if you leave it outside of your garage or shed to prevent any damage. When you’re using your snowblower, consider using a snow thrower cab. It’ll keep you covered from the snow that’s spit out by the snowblower.

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we know about the cold and snow that come with Midwest winters. That’s why we offer all the snow supplies you need to keep going this winter. From snowblowers to snow fence to winter clothes, we have everything to make you a winter warrior. Read through our buyer’s guide to find the right snowblower for you.


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