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Rain Barrel Benefits

A rain barrel is a great way to cut down on water use and save money.

When it comes to saving money, we all want to decrease our spending and increase those savings. Using a rain barrel to collect water during a storm is a great way to save money on your water bill. These water collectors do more than just that though! Here are the many benefits of rain barrels.

Save Some Green

Did you know that for every inch of rainfall on a 1,000 sq. ft. roof, 600 gallons of water can be collected to re-use? The EPA says 40 percent of residential water use comes from watering lawns and gardens. By using a rain barrel, you can save as much as 1,300 gallons of water during your garden’s growing season. That’s a lot of liquid money! Rain barrels come with a spigot to fill watering cans and a connection for a hose. You can use the rain water you collect to water your lawn, garden or for other projects around your home.

Go Green

Rain Barrel Benefits
You want to help the environment. You also want to save some money. You can do both with a rain barrel. Use the water from a rain barrel to keep your plants looking happy and healthy.

More than ever, people are going green and finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint. By collecting rain water, you cut down use from stored water supplies. Using less water from natural resources and water treatment facilities alleviates stress on those water supplies. You’ll also have your own water supply if there is a drought or water restrictions.

Protect What’s Green

Collecting water in a rain barrel helps to prevent urban runoff. Rain water picks up soil, fertilizer, oil and other contaminants on its way to the storm drain. This water is not treated and flows directly into our rivers and lakes. Contaminated water increases algae and alters habitats for fish – a huge domino effect! Let a rain barrel capture water that would have swept over a paved surface or lawn, to help minimize runoff.

Stay Green

And this time, we mean your grass! Your plants and lawn need water to thrive. During those hot summer months, it can be expensive to maintain your green grass and flower garden. Plus, most of the water used from your hose is drinking water that has been processed at a water treatment facility. Rainwater,on the other hand, contains no chlorine, calcium or lime. So in many ways, free rainwater is actually better for most plants than the chemically-treated water that you pay for. Rainwater actually cleans the soil of salt buildup, giving your roots a healthy place to grow.

Things to Consider

Not all communities allow for the collection of rain water. Check your local regulations first to ensure that water collection is allowed. Rain water is not suitable for human or animal consumption. Keep a tight cover on the rain barrel. The cover not only prevents animals from getting into the rain barrel, but also helps to prevent algae buildup. Your rain barrel also needs a screen to keep out debris.

We recommend you don’t use collected rain water on edible plants, because some roof materials may contain chemicals. Keep these things in mind and you’ll be saving money and going green in no time with your rain barrel.


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