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Lawn Vacuum Buying Guide

Hate the mess of grass clippings left behind from mowing the lawn during the summer? Do you spend hours raking and bagging up fallen leaves in autumn? Do you wish that it would all just blow away? Maybe it’s time for a lawn vacuum. Before purchasing one there are a few things you should consider.

Lawn Vacuum will remove dead leaves from lawn
Keep your lawn looking beautiful all summer and through the fall with a lawn vacuum, with help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Walk Behind Lawn Vacuum

Ever look out at your yard and see piles of lawn clippings strewn everywhere? They end up turning an ugly color of brown, making all of your hard work look as though it was for nothing. Bag them up with a walk behind lawn vacuum. You can use those grass clippings as part of your compost pile for your garden, too.

Chipper & Shredder Lawn Vacuum

Chipper and shredder lawn vacuums sweeps up all of the grass clippings and larger twigs and branches that are then mulched up and bagged. Most chippers and shredders are gasoline powered because they need to be more powerful to handle larger branches. Chipper vacuums are bigger and wider. Consider where you will be able to store it during the off season. If you are considering a chipper or a shredder vacuum look for one that includes a feeder cone. This will allow you to shred larger branches that are too big to pass over.

Tow Behind Lawn Vacuum

If you have a large yard or piece of property, using a walk behind vacuum is going to take a lot more of your time and energy. With a tow behind, you can simply attach it to your riding lawn mower or garden tractor, making for easier work. You can also mow and vacuum up clippings while you are towing.

Other Lawn Vacuum Features


If you’re considering a walk behind lawn vacuum look for one that is self-propelled. Just like your walk behind lawn mower, the engine powers the vacuum as well as the front wheels, which makes lawn care even less strenuous. It’s perfect if you have a large yard or hilly terrain.

Detachable Hoses

There are some places that your lawn vacuum just won’t be able to reach. A detachable hose makes for an easier cleanup by getting under trees and bushes that a regular lawn vacuum can’t reach.


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