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Power Sander Buyer’s Guide

Find out which power sander is the best fit for the job with this buyer’s guide from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

When it comes to home improvement projects, having the right tools for the job is a must. If you have a sanding project, you might not know which type of power sander will work best. Blain’s Farm & Fleet is here to help you choose the right power sander for the job. Read through our buyer’s guide to learn a little bit about each sander.

Power Sander Buyer's Guide
Home improvement projects require the right tools. If you plan on sanding or smoothing wood, you’ll most likely need a power sander. Find the right one for the job with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Belt Sander

Belt sanders are the most powerful and hardest power sanders to use. Their high-speed power and strength can easily ruin any woodworking project if used in the wrong hands. They’re hard to control and can go through wood quickly. However, if used properly, a belt sander is perfect for smoothing large, flat pieces of wood.

When choosing a belt sander, you’ll notice the different sizes that are available. The most common size 3″ x 21″. This refers to the size of the sanding belt. It’s an easier size to control while still giving you the strength and speed needed for your sanding project.

Finish Sander

Finish sanders are easy to use, lightweight and quiet. They’re much easier to control when compared to a belt sander, but lack the power and strength to remove stock. A finish sander is used for stripping old coats of paint and varnish, sanding off wood putty, and sanding for smoothness. The sander moves in small circles to create a smooth finish with little swirls sanded into the wood.

Random Orbital Sander

Similar in size to a finish sander, a random orbital sander also fits in the palm of one hand. Instead of using square sheets of sandpaper, it uses round ones. Random orbit sanders are great because they can orbit or move straight across so you’re not left with swirls in the woodwork.

Detail Sander

Shaped like an iron, detail sanders are used for intricate wood pieces that need sanding. They’re perfect for hard-to-reach places like rails and chair spindles. If you need to sand in tight spaces, the detail sander is the way to go.

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we understand the quality craftsmanship requires quality tools. That’s why carry everything you need to stock your shop with the best of the best. For more tips on finding the right tools for the job, visit our Power Tools blog.


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