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Planting Deer-Resistant Plants

Keep deer out of the garden with deer-resistant plants and Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Planting Deer-Resistant Plants
Curious deer love to munch on your plants and flowers. Help keep the deer out of your garden by planting these deer-resistant plants.

You work on planting your favorite flowers and plants, only to have some hungry deer ruin all your hard work. By planting deer-resistant plants, you can save your garden. The plants are unappetizing for the pesky creatures, meaning you can enjoy blooming flowers all season long. Learn about some common deer-resistant plants with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

What Makes Plants Deer-Resistant?

Deer can be deterred from plants for a few reasons. They tend to stay away from poisonous plants, such as foxgloves, poppies and daffodils. Deer also stay away from plants with a strong fragrance. This includes flowers like peonies, bearded irises and lavenders, as well as herbs like sage and mint.

It really all comes down to the deer’s taste and their appetite. Drought and scarcity of natural food sources can also bring a deer to your garden. By planting deer-resistant plants, you can hopefully keep the hungry creatures away. Below are some of the common deer-resistant plants used in a variety of regions.

MidwestNortheastSouthHigh PlainsPacific NorthwestSouthwest
Purple ConeflowerBee BalmBear's BreechesAjugaBellflowerAgave
Russian SageCatmintButterfly WeedAlliumCorydalisBlanket Flower
ThymeJapanese Painted FernChrysanthemumCoreopsisFoxgloveLavender
Wild GingerLily-of-the-ValleyCrocosmiaGlobe ThistleEpimediumOriental Poppy
CorydalisLungwortDianthusOrnamental GrassesLigulariaRosemary
Small Globe ThistleSea HollyGoldenrodPurple ConeflowerLupineSoapwort
LungwortTurtleheadHens and ChicksRussian SageMeadow RueSociety Garlic
AmsoniaVirginia BluebellsRed-Hot PokerSalviaOreganoTexas Sage
BugbaneWild GingerRosemaryYuccaYellow WaxbellsYucca

Of course, deer-resistant does not mean deer-proof. While these plants commonly deter deer, it doesn’t mean every deer will steer clear. Putting up deer-proof fencing is the best way to keep them out of the garden completely. There’s also deer repellent available–just make sure it’s safe to use if you’re growing edibles. For more tips on keeping out garden pests, visit our Gardening blog.


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