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How to Keep Out Garden Pests

Keep out common garden pests with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

You work hard to grow all your fruits, vegetables and flowers, only to have some pesky wildlife reap all the benefits. With the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can keep out garden pests and protect your hard work.

How to Keep Out Garden Pests
From raccoons to deer to moles, creatures of every kind want to feast on your garden. Learn how to keep out garden pests with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Deer – Deer love to browse through gardens and shrubs. The gentle creatures can cause quite a lot of damage to your hard work. Putting up a deer-proof fence is the best way to keep them out of your garden. Deer fence needs to be between seven and eight feet high to keep the deer out. There is also deer repellent available–just make sure it’s safe to use if you’re growing edibles.

Raccoons & Skunks – These nocturnal creatures are common garden pests. A garden makes an easy meal for a scavenging raccoon or skunk, and there are a few simple ways to keep them out. A good fence can keep them out, but raccoons are smart and they can climb. A motion sensor light can scare away a skiddish raccoon or skunk. It’s also a good idea to keep all garbage cans, bird seed and pet food sealed up and locked up. You can also set up live traps if the raccoons and skunks cause a persistent problem.

Moles – Moles eat insects and slugs, so they’re not really after the crops in your garden. They can even be helpful in ridding your garden of insect pests. However, they can leave unsightly mounds of dirt, ruining the look of your lawn and garden. To keep them out of your garden, build a barrier. A 6″ x 2′ trench filled with stones or dry material, covered with soil, will do the trick.

Gophers & Groundhogs – These digging animals will tunnel right into your garden to feast on roots, seeds, plants and bulbs. The most effective and humane way to keep them out of your garden is by installing an underground fence. If they can’t dig their way in, they’re most likely to look for a different food source.

Rabbits – Rabbits are some of the most notorious garden pests. With some chicken wire, you can keep them from hopping around your garden. The netting is small enough that the rabbits can’t squeeze through, even when they’re young.

Keeping animals out of your garden is possible with the proper fencing and techniques. For more tips on protecting your lawn and garden, visit our Gardening and Lawn Care blogs.


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