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Growing Tomatoes: 8 Easy Tips

Growing tomatoes on the vine
Growing tomatoes does not have to be hard. Here are a couple of handy tips that will help you grow beautiful, ripe tomatoes in your garden this year.

Tomatoes are a delicious fruit. That’s right, a fruit that can be incorporated into just about any meal. They are delicious on salads and sandwiches and make the best salsas and sauces. Of course, growing tomatoes can be a little tricky at times. They’re almost down right temperamental. So whether you’re growing tomatoes from seed or transplanting them into the ground, check out these 8 tips on how to grow full, ripe tomatoes this year.

Tips for Growing Tomatoes

1. A little breathing room, please!

We all need a little space to ourselves sometimes. Tomatoes do, too. So make sure that you don’t crowd your tomato seedlings in. Give them a little room to let them breathe and grow. A tomato cage is a great way to keep your growing tomatoes separated, and it allows them to branch out to their full potential.

2. Let there be light!

Tomato plants need at least 14 to 18 hours of strong sunlight. So make sure that when you plot out where you want your tomato garden to be that you choose an area where they will be able to take full advantage of as much sunlight as possible. Keep them away from shady areas like trees and the sides of houses. If you’re growing your tomatoes inside, a grow light bulb is a great way to give your plants the beneficial light they need.

3. Raise the roof!

If your soil is soggy, plant your tomatoes higher up by using a raised garden bed. They’ll be able to soak up a more even amount of water this way.

4. Don’t aim where you’re looking, look where you’re aiming!

When watering your tomatoes, make sure that you water the soil and not the leaves. Don’t use an overhead water sprinkler on tomatoes. Airborne spores can infect your tomato plants if they come into contact with the wet leaves. A spray nozzle allows you to get the right kind of water pressure that your tomatoes need.

5. Slow and steady wins the race!

Use slow release formula fertilizer spikes on your tomatoes. This will give your plants a steady dose of the nutrients they need over time, and in return you’ll get tomatoes that are bigger and tastier.

6. No one likes a mooch, especially your tomatoes!

Pruning extra chutes off your tomato plants can help their fruit grow more efficiently. Be sure to trim those little suckers that grow right where the branch and the stem meet. If left on the plant, these non-fruit-producing branches will continue to absorb plant energy away from the growing fruit.

7. Heads up!

Keep an eye out for any problems with your tomatoes such as cracking and splitting due to accelerated growth, caused by increased rainfall or sunlight. Rotting at the bottom of your tomatoes is caused by inconsistent moisture. Tomatoes ripen from the bottom up, so once you start seeing a solid red or yellow color on your tomatoes, you are ready to harvest.

8. You’ve got a friend in me!

Everybody can use a friend, so consider growing a companion plant alongside your tomatoes for a beneficial relationship. Chives, onions, garlic, asparagus, borage, and marigolds are great companion plants for your tomatoes as they help each other keep away nasty pests. Check out our blog on companion gardening to learn more.


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