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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Give Mom something straight from the heart this Mother’s Day with DIY ideas from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Do you know when Mother’s Day is? It’s better to be prepared for Mom’s special day than forget entirely. Finding a Mother’s Day gift can sometimes be a challenge. Let Blain’s Farm & Fleet help with some great ideas on what you can do for the moms in your life on their special day.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Your mom is special, and she deserves the best on Mother’s Day. Give her gifts straight from the heart with there DIY ideas from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Make Her a Mother’s Day Gift Basket:

What does your mom love? Why not combine all her favorite things in a gift basket. Does your mom love her lounge chair at the lake? Put together a gift basket for a “Day at the Beach.” Get her a sun hat, sunscreen, some of her favorite music and even some snacks! Add in a good book and she’s set. Let mom picture herself alone for a few hours of relaxation by getting her everything she needs to enjoy the day.

Make Her a Container Fountain:

Does your Mom love to relax on the patio or in the garden? Building your mom a water container fountain is an easy project and a great way to make your mom something that is unique.

Wash Her Car:

Stepping into a clean and refreshed car can be a great mood lifter. A few hours of your time to wash and clean Mom’s car can make her day for weeks to come. If you’re short on money this Mother’s Day, check out this project on How to Detail Your Car for Under $50. Mom will love you cleaning things up for her instead of the other way around!

Make a Scrapbook in a Jar for Mom:

Moms are sentimental. Nothing says “Happy Mother’s Day” more than a gift that’s made and given from the heart. If you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift the kids can make, then look no further. We love the idea of making Mom a scrapbook full of poems, memories and even chocolate! This do-it-yourself Mother’s Day Gift of a scrapbook in a mason jar is a quick and easy way to put all your memories together that Mom can cherish for years to come.

Make a Memo Center for the Kitchen:

Everyone knows that Mom controls the schedule in the house, and the kitchen is her command center. A kitchen chalkboard is a homemade Mother’s Day gift that is both cute and functional for Mom! Just a few steps and she will have a decorative place to write notes and leave reminders for everyone in the family.

Organize the Kids’ Room:

If there is one thing that is always on Mom’s to-do list, it has to be cleaning and organizing the kids’ bedrooms. We have just the project you can do to help knock that pesky chore right off her list. This do-it-yourself Mother’s Day project is one she will more than appreciate being done for her.


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