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Why Am I Losing Liquid In My Canning Jars?

Find out some causes and solutions as to why your canning jars are losing liquid.

Home canning is a great way to preserve fruits, vegetables and more. When you’re done processing, sometimes you can lose water or canning liquid. Your food isn’t covered anymore. There are a few reasons why this can happen while you’re canning. Read through these common causes and solutions as to why your canning jars are losing liquid.

Why Am I Losing Liquid In My Canning Jars?
While lost liquid won’t harm your food, it can darken it. Learn about the some of the reasons why your canning jars are losing liquid with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

1. Packing incorrectly – You need to pack your food snug, but not too tight so they’re hard packed. You also don’t want food packed too lightly. Leave a proper amount of headspace and room for canning liquid or water.

2. Canning starchy food – Some starchy food, such as corn or peas, can absorb all the canning liquid. If you’re canning any starchy vegetables, account for this, and add more liquid to the jars.

3. Putting rings on too tight – Canning rings need to only be finger tight. If you crank them on too tightly, it will make it harder to release air from the jar.

4. Letting jars stay in too long – This applies to pressure canning. Don’t let your jars sit in the pressure canner after they’re processed. If you keep them in the canner, they can continue to cook and possibly boil over. Take the lid off the canner when the pressure gauge gets back down to zero or the lid lock goes down.

5. Taking jars out too early – It’s also important to not take the jars out too early. Let them sit in the canner until the gauge is back down to zero or the lock goes down. This gives the jars enough time to depressurize.

6. Jars aren’t fully covered – This applies to water bath canning. Jars need to be completely covered with boiling water while they’re being processed in a water canner.

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you’ll find everything you need to start home canning. From canning jars and lids to pectin and canning spices, you can preserve you favorite vegetables, make homemade jam, and more. Visit our Canning blog for more tips, buying guides and recipes.


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