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Beekeeping Clothing Must-Haves

Collect your honey safely by wearing the right beekeeping clothing.

Beekeeping is a fun hobby with sweet rewards. To do it safely, you need the right beekeeping clothing. You want to be comfortable while taking care of your hive, but you also need to protect yourself from getting stung. Find out what you need to do to avoid getting stung, from head to toe.

Wear the Right Materials

Beekeeping Clothing
When you’re beekeeping, the last thing you want is to get stung. Keep yourself safe with the right beekeeping clothing.

The main thing to focus on when dressing for beekeeping is keeping openings in your clothes closed. One of the easiest ways to stay protected is by wearing white coveralls. You can easily slip the coveralls over your clothing, protecting your whole body. It’s important you wear white or light colors. When you’re beekeeping, you’re essentially disturbing the hive. When the hive is disturbed, bees can become aggressive. If you’re wearing dark clothing, they might think you’re a bear, trying to attack the hive.

Try to wear smooth materials when beekeeping. Clothing or coveralls made from nylon or a poly cotton blend will make it harder for bees to latch onto you. Rough materials, such as fleece or wool, will make it easier for the bee to latch on and sting you.

Keep Your Clothes Closed Tightly

Look for long sleeves and long pants when you’re picking out your beekeeping clothing. You should also wear high top boots to protect your ankles. Tuck your pants into your boots, or tie your boot laces around your pants. The last thing you want is for a bee to fly into your pant leg. Wear a shirt with cuffs that are tight around the wrist. You can also use duct tape to keep cuffs in place.

Cover Your Hands & Face

Protecting your hands is a must when it comes to choosing beekeeping clothing. Typical beekeeping gloves will have rubber or leather along the fingers, and cloth up to the elbow. The rubber or leather on the fingers gives you a good grip on the hive frames, while the fabric keeps you comfortable. It’s especially important to wear gloves because your hands are handling the hive to get the honey or wax, where bees tend to be the most aggressive.

Keep your face covered with a beekeeping veil. Tuck the veil into the coveralls or your shirt, so bees can’t get to your face. It’s especially important because it protects your eyes from an annoyed bee. We also recommend wearing a hat to protect the top of your head.

Once you have the proper beekeeping clothes, you can get the right supplies and start beekeeping! For more information about this fun hobby, visit our Beekeeping blog.


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