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5 Basic Commands To Teach Your Dog

Learn about five basic dog commands with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Training your dog requires patience, hard work and time. But if you’re willing to put in the effort, it can help form a strong bond with your pet and keep your dog safe. There are five basic commands that you can teach your dog with some training. Follow along with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

1. Come

5 Basic Commands to Teach Your Dog
Teaching your dog some simple commands requires patience and hard work. Find out which basic commands your dog should know with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Getting your dog to come to you is one of the most important commands to teach your dog. To start, put a leash and collar on your dog. Get down on your dog’s level and say “come,” while gently guiding him with the leash. When your dog gets to you, reward him with a treat and some affection. Continue doing this and eventually take him off the leash to try it. Do this last step in a safe, enclosed area.

2. Down

Getting your dog to stay in the down position is a harder command to teach. However, patience and treats always help. Pick out a good/strong smelling treat and hold it in your closed hand. Hold your closed hand up to the dog’s nose and move your hand down the floor, guiding him along. Slide that same hand along the ground so your dog will lower the rest of his body and follow along. Once completely down, say “down,” and give him the treat. This command requires a good deal of practice, so just be encouraging and patient.

3. Sit

“Sit,” is probably the easiest command to teach your dog. Kneel or stand in front of your dog, using a treat as a lure to get their attention. Slowly move your hand up so his head will follow the treat. His bottom should lower as his head follows. If your dog stays standing, put your other hand on his backside and gently guide him to sit down. Once in the sitting position, say “sit,” and reward him with the treat. Continue practicing this a few times a day until your dog has mastered it.

4. Stay

Once your dog has mastered “sit,” you can train them to stay. Ask your dog to sit and then with an open palm, say “stay.” Take a step back, continually increasing the steps as your dog learns to stay. Reward your dog as he learns how to stay. This can be tricky because your dog has to learn self-control and patience.

5. Leave It

This is a good command if your dog is especially curious. There are a few different techniques for teaching your dog to “leave it.” Holding a treat between your index finger and thumb, show the treat to your dog. Say the command and close your hand into a fist. If/when your dog starts barking, nibbling, etc. trying to get the treat, ignore all of those behaviors. When he finally breaks his attention, reward him with the treat. Continue doing this until he breaks attention when you say “leave it.” You can take this exercise up a notch with treats or toys on the floor.

Whichever commands you teach your dog, it’s important to remain patient and calm. Reward your dog for a job well done with praise, treats and plenty of belly rubs. For more tips on dog training and caring for your four-legged family members, visit our Pet Care blog.


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