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Shop Men's Jeans by Category

The hardest working men in America need the hardest working jeans at rock bottom prices, and that's exactly what Blain's Farm & Fleet is committed to delivering. We know you do the work that keeps our country up and running, and we want to make sure you have the jeans to keep you comfortable while yo get the job done. We also know that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. That's why we offer a wide variety of Men's work jeans, dress jeans, and jean shorts to give you what you need for any occasion.

Shop Men's Standard Size Jeans at Blain's Farm & Fleet Standard Size Men's Jeans
Blain's Farm & Fleet is committed to bringing you top-quality jeans from the best brands at a price you'll love. Better yet: the jeans we carry are durable and rugged, so they'll last you a lot longer than your last pair did. You're welcome.
Shop All Big Men's jeans at Blain's Farm & Fleet Big Men's Jeans
Tired of not being able to find clothes in your size? We get it. That's why Blain's Farm & Fleet carries jeans in big & tall men's sizes. We know you have better things to do than search high and low for jeans that fit. Look no further.
Shop Men's Jean Shorts at Blain's Farm & Fleet Men's Jean Shorts
You work hard, but you also relax sometimes, and that's when you need a comfortable pair of jean shorts to stay cool and comfortable. They're also durable in case you want to work in hot weather. Hey, it may not have been the plan, but things happen.
Shop All Men's Jeans at Blain's Farm & Fleet Shop All Men's Jeans
At Blain's Farm & Fleet, we want to offer you a wide selection of men's jeans and let you pick out what fits your lifestyle. Whether you're looking for good-looking dress jeans or a pair of work jeans to break in, we've got what you're looking for.

Shop Men's Jeans by Brand

Blain's Farm & Fleet is dedicated to bringing men the best jeans from top quality brands at unbelievable values. That's why we carry brands like Carhartt, Work n' Sport, Lee, Wrangler, and Levi's. We know you want brands that offer rugged, comfortable, and good-looking men's jeans, so we've teamed up with leading brands that are famous for just that.

Shop Men's Jeans by Carhartt at Blain's Farm & Fleet Carhartt Men's Jeans
Carhartt's mission is providing durable, comfortable jeans you can trust. Blain's Farm & Fleet's mission is providing quality jeans at amazing prices. What happens when we team up is that you get the best for less cash. Mission accomplished.
Shop All men's Jeans by Work n' Sport at Blain's Farm & Fleet Work n' Sport Men's Jeans
Work n' Sport is founded on the hardworking values and traditions of the Midwest that Blain's Farm & Fleet is rooted in. Together, we offer you the durable, comfortable jeans you need at prices you'll become a big fan of.
Shop All Men's Jeans by Lee at Farm & Fleet Lee Men's Jeans
Lee is one of the leading jeans brands for good reason. They've been making classic, durable, dependable jeans since day one. Blain's Farm & Fleet is proud to partner with Lee to bring you those jeans at an honest price we hope you'll love.
Shop All Men's Jeans by Wrangler at Blain's Farm & Fleet Wrangler Men's Jeans
Wrangler is a legendary name in men's jeans, and Blain's Farm & Fleet is proud to bring you their comfortable jeans at a fantastic value. Whether you need dress jeans or work jeans, Wrangler men's jeans are the way to go. Be ready for anything.
Shop All Men's Jeans by Levi's & Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. at Blain's Farm & Fleet Levi's Men's Jeans
Levi's men's jeans are a combination of classic style and legendary comfort. Whether you're on the job or just relaxing at home, your Levi's will keep you looking and feeling great. Blain's Farm & Fleet and Levi's won't let you down.
Shop All men's Jeans by Dickies at Blain's Farm & Fleet Dickies Men's Jeans
Dickies makes the finest in men's workwear, so you know you can count on getting a quality pair of men's jeans from them. We carry Dickies men's jeans proudly, and we know you'll be pleased with how durable and comfortable they are.
Shop All Men's Jeans by Rustler at Blain's Farm & Fleet Rustler Men's Jeans
Rustler is all about quality, comfortable jeans. Blain's Farm & Fleet is all about bringing quality products to the hardest working people in America at honest prices. Sounds like an ideal combination for hardworking men like you, doesn't it?
Shop All men's Jeans by Riders By Lee at Blain's Farm & Fleet Riders By Lee Men's Jeans
Riders By Lee are one of the most popular men's jeans brands in America. It's because of the brand's unwavering dedication to providing men with rugged, comfortable jeans that are built to last. Finding value starts right here.
Shop All Men's Jeans by Ely & Walker at Blain's Farm & Fleet Ely & Walker Men's Jeans
Ely & Walker men's jeans are made in the USA with quality materials and workmanship. Farm & Fleet is proud to offer Ely & Walker men's jeans as part of our lineup of quality products that are made in the USA. We make a team you can trust.
Shop All Men's Jeans by Fivebrother at Blain's Farm & Fleet Fivebrother Men's Jeans
Fivebrother has been providing quality men's jeans and workwear for over 122 years. They wouldn't have lasted if they didn't provide rugged, comfortable clothing, and Blain's Farm & Fleet is proud to bring you Fivebrother men's jeans.
Shop All Men's Jeans by Stanley at Blain's Farm & Fleet Stanley Men's Jeans
Stanley men's jeans are warm, comfortable, and tougher than anything your job can dish out. Blain's Farm & Fleet knows you have to work in some harsh conditions, and that's why we're proud to offer Stanley men's jeans.
Shop Men's Jeans by All Brands at Blain's Farm & Fleet All Men's Jeans Brands
At Blain's Farm & Fleet, we've made it our mission to bring you all of the top brands in men's jeans at rock-bottom prices. Whether you're looking for some stylish Levi's or a pair of Carhartt work jeans that are practically bulletproof, it's here.

Get All The Best Men's Jeans from Top Brands at Blain's Farm & Fleet

At Blain's Farm & Fleet, you'll find the best jeans in your size from all your favorite brands. We carry a wide selection that fits your unique lifestyle, and our jeans can stand up to anything you can dish out at work or play. We're proud to partner with brands like Carhartt, Dickies, Lee, Levi's , Wrangler, Rustler, and more to bring you all the jeans you need. And you can depend on the fact that we're bringing them to you at an incredible value because that's part of who we are.

Men's Jeans Blain's Farm & Fleet - Durable, Rugged, Comfortable Jeans at Incredibly Low Prices

Men's Jeans are something we take great pride in. That's why we offer men's jeans from all the top brands in all the sizes you're looking for. From standard size men's jeans to big and tall men's jeans, Blain's Farm & Fleet is your go-to for men's jeans. From legendary Carhartt men's jeans to Work jeans from Dickies, Blain's Farm & Fleet has you covered, because we're dedicated to providing the best products to the hardest-working men in America. It doesn't get any better than finding durable, rugged, comfortable men's jeans at incredibly low prices, and that's exactly what you get when you shop for men's jeans at Blain's Farm & Fleet.


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