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Since 1946, Farnam has been putting horses first. We are proud to be your partner in horse care. At Farnam, we constantly strive to create innovative products to support the horse’s overall health and comfort. Widely recognized as the leader in quality horse care products, Farnam offers an ever-expanding range of equine essentials. These include fly control, deworming, grooming, hoof and leg care, wound care treatments, leather care, stable supplies and nutritional supplements. The Farnam label means you can trust the extensive research, care and attention to detail that go into every product.

Fly & Insect Control Fly & Insect Control

The best way to defend your horse from biting, disease-carrying insects is to attack on multiple fronts. Farnam products are designed to repel and kill biting and nuisance flies and pests, whether it’s on your horse, in the barn or in outdoor areas.

Grooming Supplies Grooming Supplies

Grooming isn't just about appearances - it's a daily opportunity to assess the health of your horse. Farnam's grooming products deliver a deep, soothing and lasting clean that repels dirt and stains.

Hoof Care Hoof Care

In order to reach your full potential, you and your horse need to keep moving. And for that, you need a solid foundation. Farnam's hoof and leg care products work together to keep your horse’s most valuable assets healthy and strong, inside and out.

Supplements Supplements

Farnam supplements maintain your horse's health and well-being whether needs are related to environment, quality of forage, genetics or workload. Find all the horse supplements you need with Farnam at Blain's Farm & Fleet.

Veterinary Medications Veterinary Medications

Keeping parasites from endangering your horse’s overall health needs a proactive approach. Farnam’s deworming products help purge existing worms and prevent future infestations. Blain's Farm & Fleet has the veterinary supplies needed for your horse.

Wound Care Wound Care

Farnam’s wound care products deliver soothing relief for everything from cuts and abrasions to sores and open wounds, while supporting your horse’s natural ability to heal.

Blog: Horse Hoof Care Tips Blog: Horse Hoof Care Tips

Proper horse hoof care is essential for the performance and overall health of your horse. Follow our horse hoof care tips to keep your horse’s hooves healthy. As always, we recommend working with your veterinarian and farrier to provide optimal care.

Blog: Tips for Fly Control on the Farm Blog: Tips for Fly Control on the Farm

Flies are annoying in our homes, but it’s farm animals that suffer the most. While houseflies are a nuisance, stable flies are the real problem. Get rid of pesky flies on the farm with these fly control solutions from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Farnam® Purishield Wound Care

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