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Tag: Hunting Clothes

Deer Hunting Gear Essentials

Find all your deer hunting gear essentials at Blain’s Farm & Fleet. With November underway, deer hunting season is upon us. Whether you’re a first timer or an experienced hunter, there are deer hunting gear essentials you’ll need for a successful hunt. The Basics Firearm or Archery Equipment – Deer hunting can be done a few different ways. There’s the gun season, where hunters use shotguns or rifles. In December, there’s(…)

What Are the Hunter Orange Requirements?

Find out how much hunter orange you need to legally hunt in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa. If you’re doing any kind of firearm hunting, you’ll need to wear hunter orange. Hunter orange, often referred to as blaze orange, is worn so you’re seen by other hunters. The amount of hunter orange you need varies state to state, and even by the type of game you’re hunting. We’ve rounded what(…)

Blaze Pink Gives Hunters More Options

With deer hunting underway in Wisconsin, hunters are now able to legally wear blaze pink in addition to blaze orange. Blain’s Farm & Fleet is proud to carry blaze pink hunting gear to provide more variety for our customers. Find all your hunting gear at Blain’s Farm & Fleet.  

Hunting Hats for Every Occasion

Find the right hats for deer hunting, duck hunting and more with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. When you’re hunting in the cold and snow, you need a hunting hat to keep you warm. With hats in blaze orange and camouflage, and a variety of styles, you have a lot of choices when it comes to picking a hunting hat. Plus, the choice of hat depends on what kind of hunting(…)

The History of Camo Clothing

Learn how camo clothing has evolved throughout the years with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. One of the most crucial pieces of hunting equipment is camo clothing. When you’re out on the hunt, camo clothing can keep your concealed from your target. While camo serves its purpose in the world of hunting, it has a long history in other aspects, too. Camo in the Military Camouflage was introduced in the U.S.(…)

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Hunting Boots

Choose the right women’s or men’s hunting boots with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. When you’re out on the hunt, you may have to trudge thorough mud, dirt, water or snow. At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we understand you need your feet to be comfortable when you’re facing a day in the woods. That’s why we carry women’s and men’s hunting boots from trusted brands like Wolverine, the Original Muck Boot(…)

Your Ultimate Guide to Men’s Hunting Clothes

Find top quality men’s hunting jackets, boots and more at Blain’s Farm & Fleet. While a successful hunt can come down to luck and experience, it doesn’t hurt to have the right hunting clothes. With hunting jackets, gloves, hats and more, you’ll be ready to hunt down big game. Get suited up for hunting from head to toe with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. How to Layer for Hunting Base layer(…)

Camo vs. Blaze Orange Hunting Jackets

Learn about hunting in camo vs. blaze orange hunting jackets. When you’re hunting, you’re met with the decision of wearing camo or blaze orange. If you’re deer hunting, it’s usually a combination of both. Learn about camo and blaze orange hunting jackets with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Blaze Orange Hunting Jackets Blaze orange is worn for safety. It keeps you visible to other hunters. This is especially important when people(…)

The Deer Hunting Equipment Beginner’s Checklist

Check off your deer hunting equipment list with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. If you’re entering the world of deer hunting, you’ll need the proper equipment. At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we have everything you need to go from a beginner to a skilled hunter. Use our deer hunting equipment checklist to make sure you have all the gear needed before you hit the woods. Hunting Blind or Tree Stand Choosing(…)

Women’s Hunting Clothes: 5 Must-Have Pieces

Find all your women’s hunting clothes must-haves at Blain’s Farm & Fleet. While men make up the majority of hunters in America, more and more women are joining the hunt. There’s plenty of men’s hunting clothes available, but brands are now making women’s hunting clothes, too. Women’s hunting clothes are made for a better fit while still providing durability and key features like warmth, comfort and coverage. At Blain’s Farm &(…)


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