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Pros and Cons of New Tires

Learn about how your vehicle will benefit when you buy tires.

When you’re deciding if you need to buy tires, you’ll want to compare the pros and cons. You keep pushing off the idea of buying tires, thinking you’ll come across quality cheap tires. While you may think the price of new tires is a con, you need to think of new tires as an investment. There is so much riding on your tires, so the price is well worth it.

Improved Traction

Pros and Cons of New Buy Tires
New tires may seem expensive, but you can’t put a price on safety. Learn about the advantages of new tires for your vehicle.

New tires will give you better traction on the road. If you live in an area with fours season, you may want a set of snow tires and regular tires. New tires will give you better performance on varying road and weather conditions.

Increased Safety

Bald tires can lead to problems such as hydroplaning, bad traction and just all-around unsafe driving. With new tires, you’ll have better handling of your vehicle. You’ll be able to stop, go and turn more easily and safely.

Better Gas Mileage

If there’s something we all want from our vehicle and tires, it’s good gas mileage. With new tires, you can get better gas mileage. Worn out tires with an uneven tread pattern can make your car work harder, killing the gas mileage. When you buy tires, get them properly aligned and mounted by a dependable tire service. Proper tire pressure will also help you get better gas mileage.

Better Performance

New tires can make all the difference in the performance of your vehicle. With new tires, you’ll be able to turn safely at higher speeds. You’ll also be able to brake safely and quicker than with worn out tires.

Where to Buy Tires

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can buy tires from the brands you love, like Goodyear, Cooper Tire and BFGoodrich. You can find quality tires at our tire shop, and ask one of our associates about discount tires. Once you’ve found the best tires for your vehicle at our tire shop or our website, you can get them installed at our automotive service center. We don’t have your run of the mill tire service; we offer tire repair, road force wheel balancing and more. You can request tire service quotes online, or call 1-800-365-9936 to schedule an appointment.


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