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Location Spotlight: Woodstock, Illinois

Work toward a greener future with Blain’s Farm & Fleet of Woodstock, Illinois.

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we have been working toward a greener future. As we continue to work with each location’s community, we strive to not only offer genuine value, but to also help those communities with their own green plans.

The city of Woodstock, Illinois has been working to improve and maintain the quality of their environment. They have created a green infrastructure plan to help support natural resources. They’ve even made an environmental commission to follow up with an environmental plan. The environmental plan encourages green building. This goes for not only homes but businesses, too.The city is working to make their policies more efficient to protect their natural resources.

Location Spotlight: Woodstock, Illinois
Blain’s Farm & Fleet of Woodstock, Illinois works with the community to reduce their carbon footprint.

Woodstock, Illinois has gone to great lengths to preserve the community’s natural resources. They enacted the first mandatory residential recycling program in McHenry county. The county itself has made great progress with going green. They even have green events all through the year. They range from an Earth Day celebration to monthly speakers who discuss the local environment. People in the community can come together to talk about green topics.

Reusing old tires

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet of Woodstock, Illinois, we follow in the city’s footsteps. When you come into our store to replace your old tires, you may wonder what we do with them. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we send your old tires to Liberty Tire Recycling. They reuse and recycle the old tires, turning them into crumb rubber. That crumb rubber is used all over the country. For example, it’s used for landscape mulch. The mulch is harmless to plants, children and pets. It’s safer than wood or stone and the non-toxic colors even help save money. Your old tires are being recycled and you’re helping your community.

Everything you need is at Woodstock

Not only can you get new tires at our tire shop in Woodstock, Illinois, but you can get your tires serviced, too. We offer tire repair and tire balancing, just to name a few. The auto repair doesn’t stop there. You can get oil changes, alignments and more. You won’t have to settle for cheap tires. Our Woodstock store offers quality tires from trusted brands like Goodyear, Cooper Tire, and Michelin. You can even ask one of our friendly associates about discount tires. Request an auto repair quote online or call 1-800-365-9936 to make an appointment.


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