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Flame Resistant Clothing

Stay safe on the job with the right flame resistant clothing.

It’s not just firefighters who need flame resistant clothing. It’s actually worn for a variety of jobs. The clothing’s material has the ability to self-extinguish as the source of ignition is removed. The flame resistant clothing can make the difference between a minor injury and severe burns.

Who wears flame resistant clothing?

Flame Resistant Clothing
From firefighters to electricians, flame resistant clothing protects workers on the job.

There are plenty of professions that require flame resistant clothing. Electricians and utility workers need it to protect themselves from electric arc flash. Welders wear flame resistant clothing and other safety gear. Pharmaceutical workers and those who work in refineries or with chemicals all need flame resistant clothing. They can be exposed to flash fire. Other workers who need flame resistant clothing include those in food processing, paint, pulp and paper industries.

Following the Hazard Risk Category guide

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) have clothing guidelines for workers who are exposed to electrified parts or work areas. Each category is measured by arc rating and possible work hazards.

Hazard Risk Category 1 – Flame resistant shirt and pants or coveralls.
Hazard Risk Category 2 – Flame resistant shirt and pants, or coveralls, plus face shield and balaclava or hood.
Hazard Risk Category 3 – Flame resistant shirt, pants and coveralls, plus face shield and balaclava or hood.
Hazard Risk Category 4 – Flame resistant shirt, pants and double layer switching coat, plus face shield and balaclava or hood.

You can find the rating on the clothing label. Your employer figures out which level of hazard risk is found on the job.

The advantages of flame resistant clothing

Flame resistant clothing can actually save lives. When someone is injured in a fire, their burning clothing can cause serious injury. With flame resistant clothing, the fire will extinguish. It gives the worker more time to escape the fire and increases their chance of doing so unharmed.

Flame resistant clothing can also save money. Not only is it durable and long-lasting, but the cost of the clothing offsets the cost of burn injuries. A serious burn injury can also mean more time off of work. With flame resistant clothing and minimal burns, the worker can usually return to work sooner.


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