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8 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Work Jeans

Your denim headquarters has eight tips for finding the best work jeans.

You work hard and your work jeans should, too. Finding a well-fitting, durable pair of work jeans can be tough. With so many different cuts, rises, washes and brands out there, the choices seem endless. At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we consider ourselves to be your denim headquarters. With our help, you can choose the best work jeans for you and your job.

1. Consider your job field – If you’re working in construction, you obviously don’t want work jeans with a lot of frills and design elements. You’re looking for tough, durable pants that will hold up on the job. Whether you go with thick dungarees or opt for flannel-lined work jeans, you need jeans that will keep you comfortable on the job. If you’re in an office setting, beat up work jeans won’t cut it. Go with a dark wash in a classic fit.

8 tips to help you choose the best work jeans
You work hard and your work jeans should, too. Your jeans can be comfortable, affordable and durable. Find the best work jeans with genuine value at Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

2. Think about the weather – If you’re working in cold weather conditions, flannel- or fleece-lined work jeans are a perfect fit. The inside keeps you nice and toasty, while the outside braves the elements. The rugged jeans are the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe.

3. Make sure the inseam is long enough – You want work jeans that aren’t too long, but also aren’t too short. The inseam is the inside seam, going from the crotch of the jeans to the leg opening. Jeans that are too long can be a work hazard and jeans that are too short don’t look good. Long jeans can always be hemmed.

4. Pay attention to the fit – Work jeans for men come in varying fits. You’ll find men’s jean in straight, slim, relaxed, loose, classic, modern, skinny and more.The leg opening also varies on jeans, with boot cut, straight, semi-tapered and tapered. You want to wear what you’re comfortable in, but you also want to look good. Relaxed, slim, classic and straight jeans are the most flattering and can be the most comfortable, best work jeans. You’ll have a more tailored look, while still having enough room to move around.

5. Beware of gapping – This goes for work jeans for men and women. When you’re trying on jeans, pay attention to the fit in the back. You should be able to fit two fingers between your back and the jeans. If you can fit your whole hand, they’re too big. If you can only fit one finger or none, they’re too small.

6. Choose the right color/wash – Darker jeans are the way to go if you’re looking for versatility. The best work jeans can go with multiple outfits. Lighter colors or distressed fabrics are more suited for casual wear.

7. Check the fabric weight – Lightweight jeans may be more comfortable than stiff-as-a-board heavy denim, but they’ll wear more quickly. Quality denim jeans for men and women should be somewhere in the middle of 7 to 18 ounces. Those on the lighter side won’t last you longer than six to nine months. Those on the heaviest side may be uncomfortable and stiff. Find a balance of durability and comfort.

8. Choose quality, trusted brands – There’s a reason brands like Wrangler, Levi’s, Dickies, and Carhartt have been around for so long: they’re trusted brands that provide quality work jeans for men and women. Knock-off brands will try to mirror the style and appearance, but fall short of the durability provided by the denim forefathers.

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you’ll find the best work jeans from a variety of brands you can trust. Whether you’re in construction, working on the farm or somewhere in between, we have the work jeans you need to get the job done. For more tips on finding the best workwear for the job, visit our clothing blog.


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