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Best Cat Breeds for Your Family

Learn about the best cat breeds for families with kids and dogs.

Adding a cat to your family is a big deal. The most important part is choosing the best breed for your family. Some cats are better companions for kids and dogs, when compared to other breeds. Of course, the cat’s personality and their environment also play a huge role in becoming a member of your family.

Best Cat Breeds for Kids

Best Cat Breeds For Your Family
Bringing home a cat is a big step for any family. Learn about some of the best cat breeds for you and your family.

If you have children, you’ll want to find the best cat breed for them. Different cat breeds have different personality types, which can be good or bad for children. Cats that are easy-going and sociable are a great match for any family. When it comes to children, you’ll want a cat that isn’t territorial and has a tolerance for loud noises and sudden movements. Your kids will probably want to play with and handle the cat. Look for a breed that’s not prone to clawing or biting when handled.

American Shorthair – American shorthairs are social and happy cats. They are also energetic, which makes them perfect for kids and dogs.

Maine Coon – Known for their mellow nature, maine coons are patient and calm with kids and dogs. They’re quite large (males can weigh up to 15 pounds) and need to be brushed daily.

Ragdoll – These cats get their name because they go limp when picked up. They’re gentle and love affection. Ragdolls are perfect for kids who want to pick up and carry their cat around.

Burmese – Burmese are very people-oriented and one of the best cat breeds for families. They love affection and cuddling up with people.

Manx – These tailless cats love affection and are quite active. Manx like to play fetch and are great with children.

Best Cat Breeds for Dogs

If your home has a dog, it’s important to pick a cat that will socialize well with your other furry friend. Introducing a cat to a dog can take some work, but the love from each animal is priceless. Some cat breeds are better suited for dog homes than others. In addition to the breeds mentioned above, there are more breeds suitable for dog homes.

Birman – These cats are usually quick to adapt. They also enjoying running away and playing with toys, making them a perfect companion for dogs.

Ocicat – Ocicats are social and people-oriented. They enjoy the companionship of their owners, other cats and dogs. They can even be trained to walk on a leash and play fetch.

Of course, don’t go looking for a cat based solely on the breed. There are many loving mixed-breed cats available for adoption in shelters all over the United States. Even if the breed isn’t in our article, it doesn’t mean it won’t be a great fit for your family. Check with your local Blain’s Farm & Fleet for upcoming Adopt-a-Pet days. Work with your local animal shelter and adoption services to find the right cat or kitten for you and your family.

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