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Bees Buzzing at Blain Supply

This past summer, beehives were set up at Blain Supply to help educate associates on the honey bee process and to test out some of the beekeeping supplies sold in our stores. Associates were able to watch the bees’ progress and help extract honey from the hive.

Bees at Blain's
Beehives have been set up at Blain’s to help the bee population and educate associates on the honey bee process.

We were thrilled to see our hives did so well over the summer and surprised to see them create so much honey their first year. The next steps are in place and the bees will be getting ready to hibernate through the winter.

It is truly amazing what these little guys do. Without honey bees, humans could be extinct within 7 years because we need their pollination to help our farms and gardens continue to grow plants and food. These hives have helped our community and have been fun to watch! We thank our Board, Ag division and vendors for the opportunity and supplies.

Blain’s also made a substantial donation to the Honeybee and Pollinator Research Lab at the University of Minnesota to continue the study of bees and all they do for us: http://www.beelab.umn.edu/giving/new-research-lab

The honey harvested from the beehive was bottled and sold to Blain’s associates, with proceeds going to the American Heart Association.


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