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Air Tools: Durable & Efficient

Find out why you’ll want air tools before you start your next home improvement project.

Air tools are driven by air, which comes from an air compressor. When you shop for an air compressor, you will need to match the PSI (pounds per square inch) to the tool you’ll be using. If you don’t have the proper PSI coming from the air compressor, your tool won’t work properly. For example, if you’re using a high-powered tool such as a grinder, you’ll need a high amount of PSI from the air compressor. If you have a low PSI level, you won’t be able to grind very long before taking a break to let the compressor run. You’ll need an air compressor that can produce a lot of PSI and has a lot of horsepower if you plan on using the tool for an extended time.

Most air compressors come with a label that indicates which tools can be used with it. Every kind of air tool has a release valve or firing pin. For example,an air gun only fires when it’s pressed against something. The power an air compressor supplies allows these lightweight tools to perform the same jobs as electric power tools.

Types of Air Tools

Air Tools
Air tools are used for a variety of jobs, ranging from home improvement to commercial and industrial work. Learn why air tools are a great alternative to electric power tools.

Air Drill

You can use an air drill for a lot of different kinds of work: automotive, agricultural machinery, sheet metal, masonry, woodworking, and building trades. An air drill can be used to drill through wood, metal, cement and more. It’s great for starting holes for masonry nails. Air pressure is used to rotate the air drill’s motor.

Air Hammer

An air hammer is used to cut metal and carve stone. Air hammers are used in both construction and automotive work. Air hammers have different tips that allow you to do different jobs. An air hammer can be used to separate ball joints and tie rods when you’re replacing them in your car or truck.

Air Ratchet and Air Impact Wrench

Air ratchets and impact wrenches are used for working on vehicles. They can be used in body shops or to work on agricultural machinery. Mechanics use impact wrenches to replace lug nuts on wheels of the vehicles. There are different sized ratchets for different jobs. A 1/2″ ratchet is made for lighter use. A 3/4″ air ratchet is used for work on heavier equipment, such as tractors and semi trucks. Ratchet wrenches are used for speed, while impact wrenches are used for high torque. These tools speed up the work of changing wheels and other parts that are bolted on.

Air Nailer and Air Stapler

Air nailers (also known as nail guns) are used for many different jobs. They can be used in rough home construction. They’re also used for commercial and industrial construction. They work great for framing houses and other buildings. Pneumatic staplers also fall into the nailer category. Nailers have different gauge sizes. Gauge size correlates to the size of the nails you’ll use with the nailer. Gauge measures the thickness of the nail. As the gauge number goes up, the thinner the nails will be. For example, a 16- or 18-gauge nail is thicker than a 23-gauge nail. If you’re doing finish work, you’ll want to use a finish nailer, which uses smaller nails. For precision work, you’ll need a brad nailer, an angle nailer or a stapler.

Air Sander

An air sander is typically used in automotive shops and building trades. Air sanders are a great alternative to electric sanders because they won’t overheat. By not overheating, they can be used for extended periods of time.

Air Grinder

An air grinder is used in metalworking. It can be used in agricultural, industrial and commercial projects. Grinders cut, grind and polish metal. You can use a variety of discs, such as polishing, cutting and sanding, for different jobs.

Air Paint Sprayer

An air paint sprayer utilizes compressed air to apply a smooth coat over large areas. It’s ideal for walls and vehicles. It can also be used to spray varnish or stain on wood projects. Air paint sprayers are a great paint applicator option. There is a variety of spray patterns and nozzles available for paint sprayers.

Advantages of Air Tools

Air tools have quite a few advantages over electric power tools. They don’t require a motor, making them lightweight and easier to handle. Air tools also deliver more revolutions per minute (RPM) and torque than electric power tools. More torque and more RPM will help you get your job done more efficiently. Air tools are also cost effective because they’re powered by air. Each tool is operated by the air compressor. The tools don’t have individual motors that can burn out.


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