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5 Simple Backyard Pond Ideas

Create your own oasis with these simple backyard pond ideas from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

A pond is a tranquil addition to any garden or backyard. Whether you’re just building your backyard pond or looking to add some new features to your existing one, Blain’s Farm & Fleet has some simple and affordable backyard pond ideas.

5 Simple Backyard Pond Ideas
Enhance your backyard pond with these simple backyard pond ideas from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

5 Simple Backyard Pond Ideas:

1. Add water garden plants – Whether you have a small pond or a full-size fish pond, water garden plants are a great addition to any water garden. Submerged plants are planted on the pond floor, and grow over the water’s surface. Floating plants, such as lotuses and water lilies, are rooted on the pond floor but float on the water’s surface. You can also plant pond-side plants for a natural look. Read through our guide on choosing water garden plants for in-depth look at some great options for your pond.

2. Add fish – Fish add life and character to any backyard pond. With the right filter for proper aeration, adding fish to your pond is easy.

3. Install pond lights – Pond lights can add dimension to your pond, as well as highlight any other water features. Some pond lights can be used in and out of the water, so you have plenty of options for placement. For more tips on setting up pond lights in your backyard pond, read through our quick article.

4. Install a fountain or pond decorations – Adding a fountain to your pond is a great idea for a number of reasons. Not only does a fountain help with aeration, it also keeps the water moving. Plus, you can add your own personal touch with various decorations and fountains.

5. Add a waterfall – Waterfalls are also great for water aeration and help keep algae growth to a minimum. Building a small waterfall is fairly simple. Read through our how-to project to build one for your backyard pond.

For more backyard pond ideas and how-to’s, visit our Water Gardens & Backyard Ponds blog.


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