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Shop Beekeeping Supplies

Harvest your own honey and beeswax, help the declining bee population and more with beekeeping supplies from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. From honey extractors to protective clothing to bee hives, you’ll have everything you need for sustainable backyard beekeeping.

Bee Hives & Frames Bee Hives & Frames
Your bees will have a place to call home with bee hives and frames from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. With their new frames and hive bodies, you’ll have happy bees and your own honey.
Protective Beekeeping Clothes Protective Clothes
Whether you’re in it for the beeswax or honey, beekeeping is a lot of fun. Getting stung is not! Gear up and protect yourself with protective beekeeping jackets, gloves and more.
Beekeeping Tools Beekeeping Tools
In order to collect your organic honey and beeswax, you’ll need the right beekeeping tools. At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you’ll find uncapping knives, queen excluders and more.
Bee Hive Feeders Bee Hive Feeders
When you first bring your bees home, you’ll need to feed them sugar water until they can start making honey. Use a bee hive feeder to help them on their way.
Beekeeping Smokers & Fuel Beekeeping Smokers & Fuel
In order to keep your bees calm during beeswax and honey harvest times, you’ll need a bee smoker and smoker fuel. Stock up on smokers, burlap and more from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.
Honey Extractors & Supplies Honey Extractors & Supplies
By harvesting your own honey, you know exactly what’s in it. You can make your own organic honey with honey extractors and supplies from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.
Beekeeping Books Beekeeping Books
Once you have the right supplies, you need to know how to care for your bees. Beekeeping books from Blain’s Farm & Fleet are a great step toward learning how to live off the land.
All Beekeeping Supplies All Beekeeping Supplies
From bee hives to beekeeping books, Blain’s Farm & Fleet is your beekeeping headquarters. You can become a self-sustainable beekeeper while helping the declining bee population.

Learn About Beekeeping

Once you have all your beekeeping supplies, there will be plenty to learn about when it comes to caring for your bees. From the members of your bee colony to DIY beeswax products, Blain’s Farm & Fleet is your source to learn all about the care and keeping of your bees.

How To Start A New Bee Colony How To Start A New Bee Colony
Not only will you have more bees, you’ll also be helping the falling bee population. Learn about the different ways to start a new bee colony with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.
Why Try Beekeeping? What’s the Buzz? Why Try Beekeeping?
Fresh honey, getting in touch with Mother Nature, living off the land…there are plenty of reasons to start beekeeping. Learn all about the fun hobby with sweet rewards.
What Beekeeping Supplies Do I Need What Beekeeping Supplies Do I Need
From beehives to beekeeping clothes, the options for beekeeping supplies may seem endless. Find out what you need to start keeping bees and harvesting your own honey.
Langstroth Hive for Beekeepers Langstroth Hive for Beekeepers
Langstroth hives are the standard when it comes to housing bees. The bee hives make it easy for beekeepers to move frames around, helping with bee population and honey production.

Beekeeping - The Fun Hobby with Sweet Rewards

Beekeeping is a fun hobby with sweet rewards. As a beekeeper, you can have a safe, pesticide-free sanctuary for bees to pollinate and grow. With beekeeping, you can also make your own honey and know exactly where it came from—your own backyard. Plus, you can use beeswax from your hives to make organic candles, furniture polish, lip balm and more. It’s like Mother Nature meets DIY. Get started with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet. With bee hives, frames, beekeeping tools, protective clothes, beekeeping books and more, you’ll be ready to create the perfect apiary for you and your bees.


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