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Top 5 Types of Work Gloves

Find out which work gloves are the best gloves for you.

Finding the right type of work glove comes down to the application and the glove material. At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you’ll find the best gloves at prices you’ll love. We break down the top five types of work gloves, all of which you can find at our store.

1. Leather Work Gloves

Top 5 Types of Work Best Gloves
Whether you need men’s work gloves or women’s work gloves, Blain’s Farm & Fleet has the best gloves for every job.

Leather work gloves are durable, tough and offer plenty of protection on the job. Some materials, such as grain pigskin or grain cowhide, have great abrasion resistance. Leather gloves will also help to protect your hands from some cuts and punctures. They’re the best gloves for landscaping, woodworking and heavy-duty yard work.

2. Nitrile, PVC and Neoprene Work Gloves

If you’re looking for protection from chemicals, gloves made from nitrile, PVC or neoprene are your best choice. They resist oil, pesticides and more. All three are some of the best gloves for gardening, cleaning and general chemical use.

3. Jersey Work Gloves

Jersey material gives you some protection, while still allowing your hands to breath. They offer good grip, and even better grip if they have coated palm. They’re the best work gloves for painting, gardening and light yard work.

4. Canvas Work Gloves

Canvas gloves are perfect for gardening and yard work. The canvas can help prevent blisters when you’re working with rakes, shovels and other yard tools.

5. Latex Work Gloves

Latex gloves are usually disposable but still reliable. They offer great flexibility and dexterity when compared to stiffer, more confining work gloves. They’re best for light duty, such as painting, food processing and some chemicals.

Of course, finding the right glove comes down to the job. The best work gloves protect your hands, and even help you get the job done. For more tips on finding the best work gloves and more workwear, visit our clothing blog.


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