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The Agricultural Roots of Blain’s Farm & Fleet

Blain’s Farm & Fleet has proudly served the American farmer for over 60 years.

Deeply rooted in Midwestern tradition, Blain’s Farm & Fleet has proudly served the American farmer for over 60 years. Even before Blain’s Farm & Fleet opened its first store in 1955, the Blain family was in the feed and farm implement business. As a company that believes in the heritage of hard, honest work, Blain’s is proud to continue this tradition today.

Blain's Farm & Fleet
Proudly service the American farmer since 1955, Blain’s Farm & Fleet continues in its Midwestern heritage of hard, honest work as we celebrate Ag Day.

How the “Farm” in “Farm & Fleet” Came to Be

During the early 1900’s, N.M. Blain began operating a dairy farm in northern Wisconsin. N.M. Blain knew that the cost of caring for dairy livestock was expensive, so he taught himself about the medicines and procedures needed for a healthy herd. As the family farm became more difficult to maintain, Blain started a feed operation in Weyerhaeuser, Wisconsin, which would become N.M. Blain & Sons. N.M. Blain’s oldest son, Claude, helped out at both the farm and the feed store, before joining the army.

In 1927, Claude returned to the family feed business and took over for his father. N.M. Blain & Sons bought a company called Hein Implements. The Blains were now selling farm implements and parts. They even provided the repair services for the farm equipment. In 1934, at the age of 18, Bert Blain–N.M.’s youngest son–started to help his older brother run the family business. In 1955, Claude and Bert Blain founded Blain’s Farm & Fleet, as we know it today.

Blain’s Farm & Fleet & Agriculture Today

In 1955, Blain’s Farm & Fleet was a discount farm store built with strong ties to family and community. Today, it is in this spirit that we support charitable organizations dedicated to family, community and agricultural education. In honor of our founders, Blain’s works with the FFA each year to establish four educational scholarships for students pursuing a 4-year degree in agriculture. Since its inception in 1997, the FFA has awarded the Bert and Claude Blain Memorial Scholarship to 24+ hard working students. We’re also proud sponsors of the Midwest Horse Fair, numerous 4-H activities, and other local community projects.

Over the past 60+ years, Blain’s Farm & Fleet has proudly served the American farmer. The agricultural part of the business has grown to include beekeeping supplies, maple syrup equipment, and even the beloved Chick Days event. From farming equipment to livestock feed, you can celebrate National Agriculture Day every day with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.


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