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Portable Generators: Why You Need One

Portable Generators

Portable Generators Why You Need One
Got an upcoming camping trip? Looking for a portable generator when the next big storm comes your way? We can help you find the right one to fit your needs.

Portable generators are smaller and less expensive than household standby generators. If there is a power outage, you can use a portable generator to run a few appliances, such as your refrigerator, a few fans or a heater. Having a portable generator is also very useful to take with you where there is limited electricity: construction work sites, camping sites, tailgate parties, etc.

Gas Portable Generators

Portable gas generators can serve a number of different purposes. They can be great to bring to a campsite or to your tailgate party. In case of  power outage, they can also be used as a backup power supply. However, keep in mind the amount of power available is limited to how much fuel you have on hand.

Electric Start Portable Generators

An electric start generator has a push button, unlike a gas generator, which has a pull start. However, with electric start generators, there is more maintenance with keeping the battery charged.

Inverter Portable Generators

An inverter generator converts DC to AC power. They are more expensive than other portable generators. However, they emit a higher quality output and are less noisy. Inverter generators are smaller, lightweight and more fuel efficient. This makes them excellent in the case of an emergency power failure or if you’re camping.

Important Portable Generator Safety Features

When you’re looking for the right generator to fit your needs, here are some important safety features to consider.

  1. Manual Fuel Shutoff Switch: This prevents leaks and keeps fuel from getting trapped in the fuel system. With portable generators, the general idea is to turn the switch on, and let the engine operate until it runs out of gas and stalls out.
  2. Low Oil Shutoff Indicator: When your generator is running for hours at a time it can be hard to lose track of your generator oil level. The low oil shutoff indicator will shut off the engine before the engine potentially seizes.
  3. Fuel Gauge: This lets you know how much fuel you have left in the tank.



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