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Cat Exercise Tips

Get your cat up and moving with our cat exercise tips.

Keeping your feline friend healthy and full of energy will lead to a longer, more fulfilling life. As a kitten, your cat was probably very playful, running around at full speed after every cat toy you had. As your cat matures, it may be harder to keep that same playful spirit. Your cat might spend more time lounging around, and not being very active. However, there are plenty of ways to get your cat up and moving again. Use our cat exercise tips to keep your cat young and playful.


Cat Exercise Tips
Help your cat stay young and playful with our easy cat exercise tips. Use cat toys, catnip and more to promote cat exercise.

Using catnip is one of the best ways to get your cat to exercise. Cats have varied reactions to the natural herb. Some cats will go crazy over it, rolling and pouncing, while other cats will not react. You can buy the catnip leaves, or buy toys that contain catnip. However, use catnip wisely. If your cat does react to catnip, don’t give it to them before a stressful event, such as going to the vet.

Cat Toys

Cat toys are a great way to promote cat exercise. Give your cat plenty of options when it comes to cat toys. Unlike dogs, cats like to play with toys by themselves. Choose toys that play into their natural instincts. Your cat will enjoy a mouse toy or balls because they can pounce on them, just like they’re out in the wild. Ping pong balls, yarn and empty spools are also inexpensive “toys” that your feline can bat around. If you want to get involved in play time, a cat wand toy with feathers or other dangling objects is a great choice. You’ll even get to move around a bit, too!

Laser pointers can be fun for you and your cat. It’s quite entertaining to watch your cat chase a laser around the room. You can point it everywhere from the walls to your furniture. It’s a good idea to give your cat an actual toy after you’re done with the laser pointer. This will help your cat avoid the frustration of not being able to catch the laser.

When your cat is done playing, put the toys away. It will keep your cat excited every time you bring the toys back out. Another option is to keep the toys in a box, and let your cat choose which toys they want to play with.

Cat Treats

Not only will your cat get to enjoy a tasty treat, but they’ll also get some exercise. Hide cat treats around your house. Your cat will have to get up and hunt for the treats. Of course, don’t over do it on the treats. Use just enough to keep your cat interested, but not gain weight from excessive treats.

Cat Furniture

Cat furniture is a great way to get your cats up and moving. They can climb and play all day long on the multi-tiered towers. It’s a good idea to place cat treats on different parts of the cat furniture. This way, they’ll have an incentive to play and climb. You can also use catnip on scratching posts to encourage scratching.

Don’t be discouraged if your cat doesn’t want to play all the time. Some cats are more playful than others. It can depend on the cat’s age, breed and environment. However, if your cat is inactive and uninterested all the time, it may be a more serious problem. If you notice any change in litter box use, increased sleep or a lot of inactivity, you should consult with your vet about any possible medical issues. For more cat care and general pet care advice, visit our pet care blog.


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