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NFL Green Bay Packers All Pro Baby Bib

Blain # 860912 | Mfr # A1959313
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Green Bay Packers All Pro Baby Bib

NFL Green Bay Packers All Pro Baby Bib

Green Bay Packers All Pro Baby Bib
Green Bay Packers All Pro Baby Bib

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About This Item


When you’re dreaming of the way your baby will be you might hope for a certain gender or for features decidedly your own, but it’s your job to instill the right priorities in your child. Get your baby started with the right football team with an NFL All Pro Baby Bib. This adorable baby bib sports your favorite team’s logo and colors, with soft and absorbent material that are easy to wash. By the time your child learns the motor skills necessary to pump a fist at every touchdown, your little one will already know which side to root for after using an NFL All Pro Baby Bib.


  • Officially licensed baby bib made of two ply soft polyester front and absorbent cotton terry back
  • It is decorated with a fun full color print
  • Finished with adjustable baby hook and loop closure
  • Printed in the USA with imported fabric


Team: Green Bay Packers
Quantity: 1

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