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Cooper Tire Discoverer H/T SUV Tire - P245/75R16 109S

Blain # 374156 | Mfr # 90000002904
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Discoverer H/T SUV Tire - P245/75R16 109S

Cooper Tire Discoverer H/T SUV Tire - P245/75R16 109S

Discoverer H/T SUV Tire - P245/75R16 109S
Discoverer H/T SUV Tire - P245/75R16 109S

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About This Item


The Cooper Tire Discoverer H/T SUV Tire, employs zigzag sipes to enhance wet traction and winter performance on snow and ice. You’ll be able to drive with confidence this winter knowing that the simple technology of four wide, notched circumferential grooves minimize hydroplaning while improving traction in snow. Better steering response is achieved with a solid, center rib, which also reduces road noise and makes your ride more pleasant. Get the CCooper Tire Discoverer H/T SUV Tire and improve your chances this winter!


  • Solid center rib improves steering response while reducing noise.
  • Four wide, notched circumferential grooves offer resistance to hydroplaning, while improving snow and soft-surface traction.
  • High density 'zigzag' sipes enhance wet traction and winter performance on snow and ice while maintaining tread element rigidity.
  • Semi-closed shoulder design (exclusive notched shoulder rib) increases the shoulder contact patch area to provide long, even wear and increased cornering performance while also reducing noise.
  • Variable tread block pitch sequence reduces noise for a quiet ride.
  • M+S Rated


Tire Size : P245/75R16 109S
Width : 9.6"
Speed Rating : S
Load Index : 109
Tire Diameter : 30.35"
Minimum Rim Width : 6.5"
Measured Rim Width : 7
Maximum Rim Width : 0"
Single Maximum Load : 2271
Single Maximum PSI : 35
Dual Maximum Load : 2065
Dual Maximum PSI : 35
Tread Depth : 13.5
Tread Wear : 520
Traction : A
Temperature : B
Sidewall : Raised outlined white letters


Manufacturer's 50,000 mile treadwear protection limited warranty

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