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Behlen Country AHW80 Electric Heated Cattle Waterer

Blain # 291358 | Mfr # 54150018
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AHW80 Electric Heated Cattle Waterer

Behlen Country AHW80 Electric Heated Cattle Waterer

AHW80 Electric Heated Cattle Waterer
AHW80 Electric Heated Cattle Waterer

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  • One piece, heavily insulated drinkers
  • All poly, rust and corrosion free
  • Thick Styrofoam floor keeps the frost line below the drinker
  • Urethane insulation in the walls is over four times the insulation found in other models
  • Features a low wattage, infrared heat pad placed directly under the water trough (starts at approximately 42° F)
  • Produces more heat using less that 1/4 of the electricity of 500 watt heaters
  • Double insulated design eliminates the possibility of stray voltage that can be a problem in metal drinkers
  • Heat pads are totally isolated from the animal to prevent danger of shock from the heating element
  • An optional low pressure valve is available for special applications
  • Units have a non siphoning easy maintenance (BL) water valve, built - in hold downs, removable drain plugs, and easy accessible doors
  • Fully assembled and ready to install


Height to Trough:24"
Height: 28"
Width: 18"
Length: 30"
Capacity: 80 animals
Weight: 39 lb
Color: Black/Green
Watts: 100

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