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Larin Garage Floor Jack

Blain # 205944 | Mfr # GJ-6000
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Garage Floor Jack

Larin Garage Floor Jack

Garage Floor Jack
Garage Floor Jack

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Just when your vehicle stops rolling right, it's time you roll out the Larin Garage Floor Jack and prop your wheels up to take a peek at what's wrong. It's the perfect combination of safety and functionality. No matter how jacked up you are to fix your car, built - in design protects you from over loading and over pumping. You won't find a better combination of mobility and solid construction. No matter where the lift points are on your vehicle, the Larin Garage Floor Jack can get to them and do its thing.


  • Raises and lowers steadily
  • All steel casters
  • Ball bearings are fully retained for reliability and ease of maintenance
  • Rear wheels swivel
  • Steel forged, hardened saddle
  • Extra heavy gauge steel chassis frame with double rolled edge for extra strength
  • Specially designed hydraulic system protects jack from over - load and over pumping


Length: 3-5/8' handle
Type: Floor Jack
Capacity: 3 Ton
Weight: 62 lb
Height: 5-1/4" to 18-1/4"

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