Cooper Tire Discoverer SRX SUV CUV Tire

Blain # 1101986 | Mfr # 90000022300
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Discoverer SRX SUV CUV Tire
Cooper Tire Discoverer SRX SUV CUV Tire
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Discoverer SRX SUV CUV Tire
Discoverer SRX SUV CUV Tire

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About This Item


The Discoverer SRX is designed to provide a long tread life and maximize ride comfort for a wide range of CUVs and SUVs. The Discoverer SRX is Cooper's Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season tire developed for the drivers of light trucks, SUVs, crossovers and vans looking for a tire that combines ride comfort and long tread life with reliable year-round traction, including in light snow. Utilizing a high-silica, all-season compound, the Discoverer SRX is molded into a symmetric tread design, allowing easy cross-rotation to minimize uneven wear. Cooper's StabilEdge Performance technology reduces movement of the tread blocks, enhancing handling and stability in dry conditions. The high-silica tread compound features competition-grade resin to improve wet traction, and the 3D Micro-Gauge sipes provide biting edges for traction in slippery conditions, along with maintaining a stable foundation while accelerating, braking and cornering. Center and intermediate ribs consisting of independent tread blocks further contribute to the total number of edges, improving grip in inclement weather.


  • 3-D micro-gauge dimple sipes maximize tread contact with the road surface to grip the road better
  • Optimized 5-rib tread pattern evenly distributes the load across the tire's contact patch leading to improved treadwear, responsiveness and handling
  • Traction grooves maximize the expulsion of water away from the tread surface effectively reducing the potential of hyrodplane and increasing grip
  • Winter edge feature creates a higher snow grip area in the tread to provide better traction
  • Stabiledge helps stabilize the tread elements during driving conditions enhancing steering precision
  • M+S Rated
  • lMaximum ride comfort
  • Quiet ride
  • Reliable all-season traction and performance
  • M+S Rated


Tire Size : P265/50R20 107T
Width : 10.7"
Speed Rating : T
Load Index : 107
Tire Diameter : 30.63"
Minimum Rim Width : 7.5"
Measured Rim Width : 8.5
Maximum Rim Width : 9.5"
Single Maximum Load : 2149
Single Maximum PSI : 44
Dual Maximum Load : 0
Dual Maximum PSI : 0
Tread Depth : 11.5
Tread Wear : 740
Traction : A
Temperature : B
Sidewall : Blackwall


Manufacturer's 75,000 mile treadwear protection limited warranty

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