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Tag: Winter Tires

How Do I Prepare My Tires for Winter?

Get your tires ready for winter with Blain’s Farm & Fleet tire service. If you live in the Midwest, you know the toll that winter can take on your vehicle. From slush to ice, driving in winter weather can be the worst. With help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can get your tires ready for winter. Regularly Check Your Tire Pressure Maintaining the correct tire pressure can make all(…)

Will New Tires Help During Winter Driving?

New tires from your local tire shop can help you when you’re driving this winter. Driving in the winter can be scary and unpredictable. With snow, sleet, ice and everything in between, the roads can be covered in everything Mother Nature can throw at you. Some people wonder if new tires can help when it comes to winter driving. With help from your local Blain’s Farm & Fleet tire shop,(…)

Pros and Cons of Snow/Winter Tires

Learn about the pros and cons of snow tires from your local tire shop. As winter rolls around, you have to decide if your vehicle needs snow tires. Snow tires are built to give you more traction on the road during inclement winter weather. While they sound like the ultimate solution for winter driving, you should know the pros and cons of buying snow tires. With help from Blain’s Farm(…)

Do I Need Snow Tires?

If you live in an area with snowy or icy winters, and you drive in winter weather, yes. Some of the cheaper all-season tires might best be called “three-season” tires, because they have a very hard tread compound that doesn’t grip snow well in winter. These tires are designed to improve traction in winter road conditions, but they are mainly designed to wear longer. Snow tires are designed to give(…)

The Right Tires for Your Vehicle

The tires on your vehicle are the only link between your vehicle and the road surface. Therefore, it’s important to choose a tire that is going to be as reliable as the rest of your vehicle. Rest assured that tire technology is better than ever and our associates are ready and able to find you tires that fit your needs. First and foremost, be sure to always match the speed rating and size of(…)


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