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Tag: Water Gardens

Planting Water Plants in Floating Pots

Learn how to plant water plants in floating pots with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Water plants can liven up any backyard pond or garden. With floating pots, you can easily install more plants without having to make planting shelves. Learn more about planting water plants in floating pots with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. What Are Floating Pots? Floating pots or baskets are used to in a pond(…)

5 Simple Backyard Pond Ideas

Create your own oasis with these simple backyard pond ideas from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. A pond is a tranquil addition to any garden or backyard. Whether you’re just building your backyard pond or looking to add some new features to your existing one, Blain’s Farm & Fleet has some simple and affordable backyard pond ideas. 5 Simple Backyard Pond Ideas: 1. Add water garden plants – Whether you have a(…)

How to Build a Backyard Pond

Learn how to build your own backyard pond with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Installing a backyard pond if not as hard as it may look. You can enjoy a tranquil place in your yard or garden by following these easy how-to steps from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Instructions for a Backyard Pond 1. Measure the dimensions – By using a string or a rope, mark the size, shape(…)

5 Tips for Setting Up Pond Lights

Learn how to set up pond lights in your backyard pond or water feature with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. With pond lights, you can enjoy your backyard pond even when the sun goes down. They also add another element to your backyard landscaping. Installing pond lights is a fairly easy project for even beginner water gardeners. With the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can add pond lights to(…)

How to Build a Waterfall for Your Pond

Learn how to add a waterfall to your backyard pond with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet. A waterfall can add a tranquil feature to your backyard pond and your outdoor space. It’s also great for water aeration. The constant flow of the waterfall means the water falls through the air. This adds oxygen to the water, which helps with keeping away algae. Fish and other animals will also(…)

How to Make a Container Fountain

Learn how to make a container fountain with Pond Boss and Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Spring is almost here and that means it’s time to start planning your spring projects. If you’re looking to spruce up your garden, why not add a water feature? The sound of running water is calming, and it can bring a peaceful element to your garden. Plus, add in a pretty planter and you have(…)

Beneficial Bacteria For Ponds

Bacteria can be essential to keeping algae from growing in your water garden or backyard pond. But there are so many bacteria products out there to choose from. What are the pros and cons of each one? Blain’s Farm & Fleet will help you navigate the murky waters of choosing the right bacteria treatment for your water feature. Beneficial bacteria for ponds are an alternative to chemical algaecides. They are(…)

Pond Pumps For Water Gardens

A pond pump is an important piece to any backyard pond or water. It moves the water, creating streams or waterfalls, and aerates plants. Calculating Pond Head Pressure Before choosing a pond pump for your water garden, it is very important to know what kind of head pressure you’ll be dealing with. Head pressure is the combination of forces your pump must overcome to pump water from one end of(…)

The Best Plants for Water Gardens

A water garden can add a beautiful, tranquil element to your landscape. When you choose plants for any garden, you need to consider which USDA hardiness zone you’ll be planting it in. This holds true for water gardens. Whether you just have a tiny fountain water feature, or a full-size fish pond, the right plants will make it even more enjoyable. It’s also important to check each plant you’re interested in to(…)


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