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Tag: Truck Tires

What is a Tire Speed Rating?

You don’t have to visit a tire shop to figure out your tire speed rating. Whether you’re trying to figure out your tire size, or browsing through new tires at your local tire shop, you need to know about speed rating. With help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can learn what a tire speed rating is, where to find it on your vehicle, and which rating is right for(…)

What is Tire Rotation?

Learn why tire rotation is important for regular tire maintenance. Tire rotation is a vital part of tire maintenance. Rotating your tires helps with uniform tread wear with all four tires. When there’s uneven tread wear, you’ll most likely have to prematurely replace your tires. To put it simply, tire rotation will extend the life of your tires, thus saving you money. Why do tires need to be rotated? Your(…)

10 Signs You Need to Buy New Tires

Blain’s Farm & Fleet gives you the 10 signs that you need to buy tires. Your tires put you in contact with the road. When you have old, worn-out tires, you’re pretty much an accident waiting to happen. Blowouts and bad traction are just some of the things that can happen when you have bad tires. You must be able to tell when you need new tires. We give you(…)

What are Performance Tires?

Learn all about performance tires with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. When you’re shopping for new tires, you have plenty of options to choose from. You may find cheap tires or discount tires online, with little clue as to what you’re actually shopping for. With the different kinds of tires available, you may find yourself asking about performance tires. With help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can have a better(…)

How to Tell When You Need New Tires

Follow our four tire inspection tips to tell if your vehicle needs new tires. Having a good set of tires can make all the difference between a safe, smooth ride and a potential car crash. Not only are worn out tires bad for your car, but they’re also dangerous. In 2013, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimated that around 11,000 car crashes a year are caused by tire(…)

What is the Difference Between SUV Tires and Truck Tires?

Learn about the differences between SUV tires and truck tires. Once you know how to choose a SUV tire, you’re probably wondering about the difference between SUV tires and truck tires. While it may seem like a gray area, you’ll be surprised there are quite a few differences between the two (and tires for other vehicles). When you’re shopping for tires online, you’ll find a lot of websites compare light(…)


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