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SAE-to-ISO Oil Conversion Chart

Vintage tractors and tillage equipment are usually bought at auctions, so collectors don’t always have access to their owner’s manuals. Owner’s manuals are important because they include the tractor’s specifications, replacement parts, and which oil it requires. Also, oil has changed since the old days, and the way manufacturers list the recommended oil is sometimes different from the way oils are labeled now. Often, the hydraulic oil for an older(…)

Filtration: What is A Micron?

You may notice that some oil, transmission, or hydraulic filters are marked with a micron number. A micron is a unit of measurement. For what it’s worth, one micron equals one millionth of one meter. A meter is about three feet, so we’re talking small here. Really small. One of the hairs on your head is about ninety microns wide. So, when it comes to filtration and you see a(…)

Why Tractor Seats Are Important

Tractor seats are easy to forget about, because you’re so busy with other things on the farm. But when your tractor seat needs to be replaced, you notice it big time. You may not realize it, but think about it. Driving a tractor without a seat doesn’t seem like much fun. If you are driving a tractor with an old, beat-up seat right now, you know how bad things can get.(…)


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