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Tag: Tire Rotation

How Often Should My Tires Be Rotated?

Tire rotation is a must for regular tire and auto maintenance. Getting your tires rotated helps with even tread wear, ultimately making your tires last longer and saving you money. Tires can be rotated diagonally or right to left, front to back. Directional and asymmetrical tires are rotated differently. No matter the tires you have, tire rotation will give you a smoother ride and better handling.The front tires typically wear(…)

What is Tire Rotation?

Learn why tire rotation is important for regular tire maintenance. Tire rotation is a vital part of tire maintenance. Rotating your tires helps with uniform tread wear with all four tires. When there’s uneven tread wear, you’ll most likely have to prematurely replace your tires. To put it simply, tire rotation will extend the life of your tires, thus saving you money. Why do tires need to be rotated? Your(…)

4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your New Car Tires

Don’t let cheap tires ruin your ride; get the most out of your new tires with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Buying new tires is a big investment, but they’re worth it. You’ll have a safer and smoother ride, especially if you were riding on cheap tires. Of course, you want to get the most out of those new tires. That’s where Blain’s Farm & Fleet comes in. With our four(…)

How To Measure Tire Tread Depth

A few fractions of an inch in the depth of your tire tread can make a huge difference. It can be the difference between hydroplaning on a wet road and making your way safely through the rain. Not only will worn out tread make your vehicle less safe, it will also keep it from handling as well as it should. Especially if you have an off-road vehicle or a sports(…)

Directional Tires: Pros and Cons

Learn about the pros and cons of directional tires with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Directional tires have a tread pattern that is designed to rotate in one direction. These tires have lateral grooves that form a V shape. Also, a directional tire has an arrow on the sidewall pointing in the direction the tire should travel. This is to help ensure that the tires are mounted and rotated correctly. The design of directional tires What(…)

Tire Rotation Basics

Why is getting a tire rotation important? Frequent tire rotations are important because they extend the life of your tires. They also save you money in the long run. Most cars have engines in the front and carry more weight in the front of the vehicle. Front tires also do the majority of the work, especially on a front wheel drive vehicle. For example, when you turn, more weight shifts to(…)

Tire Balancing Importance

What is tire balancing? You might not be able to tell just by looking, but no wheel is perfectly round or weighted. When a wheel spins at highway speed, this fact shows itself in a vibration and shake. To offset the weight imbalance, you have to attach wheel weights in exactly the right spots on the wheel. This brings the wheel back into balance and makes it spin without shaking. How(…)


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