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Tag: Tire Repair

How to Inspect Your Tires at Home

Learn the basics of inspecting your tires at home with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. A good set of tires can make the difference between a safe, smooth ride and dangerous vehicle on the road. Bad tires can cause other problems with your car, but tire failure can also cause a car crash. According to a 2013 study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an estimated 11,000 car crashes per(…)

Inner Tube Buyer’s Guide

An inner tube can cover up a lot of problems. It can prolong the useful life of your tire in some situations, but it can’t be used in all tires. This guide will help you match the right inner tube with your tire. When Can I Use an Inner Tube? Generally speaking, inner tubes are best suited to use on non-highway farm implement and lawn and garden tires. If you have(…)

Should I Replace 1 Tire or All 4 Tires?

New tires are a big investment. Find out how many tires should be replaced on your vehicle. Whether you had a blowout, drove over a nail or just have old worn out tires, every driver will have to replace their tires at some point. When you need to get new tires, it’s important to know how many of your tires should be replaced. We understand that new tires are a(…)

Repair or Replace? When Can a Tire be Repaired?

Find out if your tire can be prepared or if you need to look at new tires for sale. You may have had a flat tire before, brought in into a repair shop to have it fixed and been told that it needed to be replaced. If you’ve ever wondered what makes a tire unrepairable, Blain’s Farm & Fleet has your answers. We’re here to help you figure out if(…)

5 Questions to Ask a Tire Repair Shop

Find out what you need to ask at your local tire and auto repair shop. When you’re searching for an auto and tire repair shop, it’s important to know which questions to ask. With these questions in mind, you can find an affordable, knowledgeable and honest auto repair shop. With help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can learn which questions to ask an auto and tire repair shop. 1. Are(…)

What Tire Changing Services are Available?

Find out what your local tire change service can do for you. If you get a flat tire on the road, or you’re in need of new tires for the winter, you need to know what tire services are available to you. With help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can get back on the road in no time with our tire change service. Find your local Blain’s Farm &(…)

How to Find a Tire Repair Shop

Find the best tire and auto repair shop with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Whether you need to get your tires changed or repaired, finding the right auto repair shop is key for the best quality and service. With help from Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can find a good auto repair shop near you for all your tire needs. Use the following factors to find the best tire and auto(…)

How to Select the Right SUV Tire

Don’t settle for cheap SUV tires; find quality tires at Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Before you head to your local tire shop and start looking at the tires for sale there, you need to know what to look for in quality SUV tires. You also need to consider the roads on which you’ll be driving, how frequently you’ll be driving and what you’ll be using your SUV for. If you’re looking(…)

Tire Replacement Guide: How Many Tires Should I Replace?

Tire Replacement: Replacing All Four Tires It’s always best to replace all four of your tires at the same time. This ensures that you have the same tread depth on each tire. If you own a four-wheel or an all-wheel drive vehicle, you must replace all four tires at once. The traction advantages achieved by these vehicles are due to mechanically connecting all four tires. If you replace less than four(…)


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